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The Unisystem is the system mechanic used originally in C.J. Carella's WitchCraft RPG (also used in Armageddon and the zombie game All Flesh Must Be Eaten). WitchCraft is a great game of urban fantasy and supernatural horror set in the modern world. This game not only have a great setting, but also provides a game mechanic that is a good compromise between simplicity and complexity. In fact, the Unisystem is going to be marketed as a generic system, useful for a variety of campaigns. I have always liked generic systems (check out my GURPS campaigns) and I think Unisystem has what it takes to establish itself as strong seller. I especially look forward to their super-hero/alien races sourcebook Beyond Human. If you want to learn more about WitchCraft and the Unisystem, you can go straight to Eden Studios' (the publisher) website or visit John Kahane's where you will find a comprehensive FAQ. In these pages, you will find information on the campaigns I run, conversion rules for bringing other systems' games to Unisystem, new material to use in your games and links to other sites containing information and/or material about WitchCraft and the other Unisystem games.

No infringiment of copyright and/or trademark is intendended with this page. Ownership of WitchCraft, Armageddon and the Unisystem (trademark and/or copyright, I am never sure which) belongs to C.J. Carella. All Flesh Must Be Eaten rights belongs to Eden Studios. All original work is either copyright © 2001-2006 Fred Furtado or the respective author (it will be listed where relevant).





     This section lists and provides links to all of my campaigns that use the Unisystem.

     Since I started using the Unisystem in my games, I realized that its generic characteristic could be useful in converting or adapting settings from other systems and works of fiction. Below, you will find links to conversions and adaptations that I, and other people, have compiled so far. I have borrowed from other people's work in some of my conversions, but their contribution is duly noted.

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    Here you will find new rules, characters, associations and anything else that I think of to use in your campaign.







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     There are not all that many links to Unisystem pages yet. However, the precious few I know are listed below. For campaigns I run in other systems, just go to the Patchworld.

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Well, enjoy it! And if you want, you can drop me a line at fred at patchlord dot com.

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