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     The inspiration for this campaign came from diverse sources, such as: a dream I had last year, another campaign that never got started, Marvel Comics' New Universe line, especially the Starbrand and DP7 titles, and, to a lesser extent, John Byrne's Next Men comics, Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics and David Cronenberg's Nightbreed movie, which was based on a book by Clive Barker.
     The idea was to create a different "superhero" campaign, more like a "paranormal" campaign. I wanted people flying, reading other people's mind and stuff like that, but I didn't want it to be as common place as the normal superhero world. I also wanted to leave my players guessing, something that has always been hard to do. I wanted them not to be sure about their abilities, to not take them for granted.
     I think I managed that. However, I had to travel and now 4,000 miles separate me from my players. But the ideas kept coming and I had to do something, so I decided to continue the game through e-mail. Before I had to leave, we used the GURPS system, my favorite rpg system. Now that the game has moved to the eletronic medium, I still keep the system in my mind, but I allow more latitude in the flow of game.
     In this page, you'll find information on the players characters, the non player characters and the campaign, including background. Unfortunately, all of my players have web access and their characters doesn't know a lot of what's going on in the campaign world, so don't expect a lot of data on the background. I'll release it as they find out about it.

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Character Creation
Player Characters
Non Player Characters

Character Creation

    The players could design their characters with up to 150 points. There were no restrictions on nationality, job or background. The only thing is that they had to be humans, after all, this was a "normal" Earth. However, I told them that this would be a paranormal campaign and that the more points they used for their characters, the less I would have to create their powers.
    Yes, that's right! I would design the powers. My players had no creative input on them, except for the fact that I tried to moke the powers have some connection to the character. At first, I had a lower limit for the complete character (character + powers), 300 points. But I soon realized that would be unsatisfactory to me, and so I increased the level to 500 points.
    I didn't release the nature of the powers right away. It took the players a few sessions to find out what their abilities were. And, even then, they weren't sure about their level of ability and if they had any more powers.
    For this campaign, I wanted to be able to mimic the comic books power levels. World-shattering supers would be rarer in this world than in your average four color universe, but I still wanted them to exist. And, although I really like the GURPS system, its "reallistically approach" to super-heroes kind of make Superman-type supers difficult to handle, if not impossible. However, while surfing the Web, a friend of mine found a solution: a logarithmic table, designed by David Pulver, that converts damage, DR and strength for vehicles, weapons and animals into a logarithmic scale, while leaving the Supers DR and strength, except for weight, unmodified. With that table, your supers can punch through tanks and survive nuclear bombs without having to spend millions of points and having characteristics with four or more digits.


    In June of 1990, a big explosion in the stratosphere causes commotion throughout the planet. Ufologists say that the explosion was caused by the destruction of a UFO by the United States Air Force. Others say it was the test of a new weapon. New rumors soon appear. The American government denies any involvment in the incident and states that it is also investigating it.
    After a few weeks, the press loses interest in the case.
    Four months after the incident, the first paranormal being appears in China. In the following months, other paranormals show up all over the world. The reactions to this vary: fear, distrust, adoration and indiference. Several governments require the paranormals to register. But, as they did not possess high-level abilities and showed benevolent or, at least, neutral tendencies, the enforcement of the order is not very strong.
    The situation changes in January, 1992, when, amid mysterious circunstances, an Egyptian paranormal explodes and obliterates everything in a 35-kilometer radius, including the city of Cairo. The public opinion drastically changes. It is almost impossible to find someone with a positive attitude towards paranormals, usually they either fear or hate them. A fearful contempt is the most positive reaction one can find. The governments also become more strict about regulating the paranormal situation. Several private institutions, whose goal is to study the paranormal phenomenon, appear. Among them is the Wentworth Clinic, in Springfield, Kansas.
    Four years go by, with more paranormals being "absorbed" by the different governments. No one is really sure what they do with the paranormals, because secrecy becomes a keyword in all matters involving paranormals. But rumors include containment camps, undercover duty, research and military use. Eventually, some governmental paranormal are revealed to be in specialized units created to counter any paranormal threat. Despite this agressive "recruitment", some paranormals manage to evade it. A few become celebrities, like Sentinel, the first super-hero, others simply do not reveal their powers and carry on with their lives.
    Some do not even suspect they are paranormals.


    This is a summary of the main events of the campaign. It will be updated as the players find out new information or some significant event, that the player characters knows, happens.





Player Characters

     This is a list of the player characters. It includes the name of the player and a brief description of the character. There is also a link to the character write-up, however, as I mentioned above, the players are still figuring out their abilities. So, some information concerning their powers will be omitted. As the players learn more about them, the information will be updated.

Bob Jah (Carlos Augusto) - a Rastafari from Maranhão, Brazil.
"Guimbinha" Mallone (Rodrigo "Magoo" Bisaggio) - a repair truck driver from Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Marco Samptoro Marelli (Cláudio "JJ" Bustamante) - an Italian systems analyst with connections to the Mafia.
Nicholas Epadopoulos (Ricardo "Barney" Reis) - a Greek taxi driver who works in New York, USA.
Paul Chan (Paulino Soares) - a martial artist actor from Hong Kong, China.

Non Player Characters

  In this section you can find a list of all the important non player characters of the campaign, even if the players haven't met them yet. For the sake of organization, I have grouped the characters according to affiliation.

Wentworth Clinic

Spiderman's Gang Alussein DPI Paranormals Famous Paranormals Secret Paranormals


    This section contains a detailed account of the campaign. Although the text is continuous, I created links to sections that represent the beginning of a sub-arc inside the greater arc of the campaign.

The Gathering
    The player characters (PCs) are invited to the Wentworth Clinic, where they meet each other and find out the truth about the place.

    On the run, the PCs find Alussein, a hidden city of paranormals.

    Together again, the PCs plan to rescue an Ameridian prisoner from a secret military base.

First Contact
    The PCs must stop an alien ship from exterminating the human race.


    This section contains a brief description of the important geographic locations in the campaign.  Like the other sections, it will be updated as the campaign proceeds.

The Wentwoth Clinic


Area 51


     Some links that you might find useful for your campaign.

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Jeff's Web Page - If you didn't like David Pulver's logarithmic table, you can try Jeff Knight's. You will also find write-ups for some famous heroes.
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