Player Characters

Bob Jah
Created by Carlos Augusto
Name: Roberto da Silva
Alussein Ability: Bob Jah is able to project astrally and generate mental illusions, and has precognitive ability.
ST 11     DX 15    IQ 12     HT 12
Speed: 6.75     Move: 6
Damage: Thr 1d-1 , Sw 1d+1; Karate 1d
Appearance: Male Negroid; thin but athletic body with sun-darkened skin, long, black dreadlocked hair and black eyes.
Advantages: Combat Reflexes, Musical Ability +8
Disadvantages: Addiction (Marijuana), Wealth (Struggling), Weirdness Magnet
Super Advantages: Extra Fatigue
Powers and Skills:
Astral Projection
    Astral Projection (Only While Sleeping -20%)
    Precognition (Only in Dreams -30%)
Telepathy (Costs X Fatigue)
    Illusion (Link to Telereceive 10%, Link to Telesend 10%; Needs Marijuana -20%)
    Telereceive (Link to Illusion 20%; Needs Marijuana -20%)
    Telesend (Link to Illusion 20%; Needs Marijuana -20%)
Skills: Acrobatics 13, Carousing 10, Dancing 10, Fast-Talk 10, Holdout 10, Karate (Capoeira) 13, Merchant 10, Musical Instrument (Percussion) 9 (17), Singing 8 (16), Streetwise 11
Languages: English 10, Portuguese 12
Maneuvers: Feint [Karate] 15, Ground Fighting [Karate] 11, Spin Kick 11, Sweeping Kick 11
Quirks: Barefoot and shirtless whenever possible, Never leaves Mãe Oxum's charm, Usually wears a Jamaican beret, Wears a pendant shaped like a marijuana leaf
History: Bob Jah lived a quiet life in Maranhão, playing capoeira and going to reggae parties.  However, when David Boyle offered him money and a trip to the United States in exchange for allowing people to run tests on him, he couldn't refuse. Plus, he would get to know what powers he had and that was also a big inducement. Now, on the run with his friends, Bob is usually the most relaxed of the group. His powers were the first to manifest and seem to be the best known so far, with the exception of Guimbinha's.

copyright 1996 Carlos Augusto

"Guimbinha" Mallone
Created by Rodrigo Bisaggio
Alussein Ability: "Guimbinha" is superstrong, tough and can fly.
ST 60     DX 12   IQ 12     HT 13
Speed: 6.25     Move: 6, 480 flying (1,728 kph)
Damage: Thr 7d-1 , Sw 9d; Karate 1d
Appearance: Male Caucasian; was fat, ugly and balding but is changing to an athletic body, becoming more handsome and growing hair again.
Advantages: Danger Sense
Disadvantages: Addiction (Tobacco), Compulsive Behavior (Going to a bar), Gluttony, Odious Personal habits (spitting, scratching his groin, etc), Stubbornness
Super Advantages: Damage Resistance 10, Damage Resistance (crushing), Damage Resistance (Ablative: 1pt/day, Costs X Fatigue; Special Effect: Glowing Aura), Enhanced Strength +49, Flight, Super Flight x5
Skills: Brawling 13, Carousing 15, Detect Lies 11, Driving (Repair Truck) 15, Fast-Draw (Pistol) 12, Guns (Pistol/TL7) 13, Intimidation 15, Knife 13, Lockpicking 11, Mechanic (Car) 12, Streetwise 14
Languages: English 12
History: Guimbinha worked as a repair truck driver in Brooklyn, New York. He had a quiet life until the day that David Boyle found him. It didn't take much to convince Guimbinha to go to the clinic. However, on his way there, he met the othere characters running away from it. After hearing their story, he decided it would be safer to join them until things settled down. Guimbinha revels in his newfound abilities. Not only is he strong, tough and able to fly, he is also getting more handsome, something that can help with the ladies. In fact, while he stayed in Alussein, Guimbinha had a fling with Paolla, the mysterious and alluring porcupine woman.

copyright 1996 Rodrigo Bisaggio

Marco Samptoro Marelli
Created by Cláudio Bustamante
Alussein Ability: Marco seems able to conjure a gumshoe detective to life.
ST 10    DX 12    IQ 14     HT 12
Speed: 6     Move: 6
Damage: Thr 1d-2 , Sw 1d
Appearance: Male Caucasian; .
Advantages: Appearance (Attractive), Empathy, Patron (Don Vinnie Marelli, Mafia don uncle in NY; Extremely Powerful Individual, 9 or less), Strong Will +2, Wealth (Comfortable)
Disadvantages: Bad Temper, Lecherousness, Sense of Duty (Friends)
Super Advantages: Regeneration (Instant) (Only works in Urban Environments -10%)
Powers and Skills:
Call the Urban Spirit
Skills: Administration 13, Bicycling 12, Brawling 13, Climbing 11, Computer Hacking 12, Computer Operation/TL7 15, Computer Programming/TL7 13, Diplomacy 13, Driving (Car) 12, Electronics (Computers) 11, Enginner 12, Fast-Draw (Pistol) 12, Guns (Pistol/TL7) 13, History 12, Musical Instrument (Guitar) 13, Savoir-Faire 13, Sex Appeal 12, Sport (Tennis) 10, Swimming 11, Teaching 13
Languages: English 13, French 13, German 13, Italian 14
History: Marco belongs to an Italian family with a long history of association with the Mafia. However, Marco didn't follow in his relatives' footsteps. Instead, he pursued a career in computer sciences and became a systems analyst for the Italian branch of IBM. There he was contacted by David Boyle, who told him about his paranormal nature. Being close to his vacation period, Marco decided to give the clinic a try, a decision he now deeply regrets.

copyright 1996 Cláudio Bustamante

Nicholas Epadopoulos
Created by Ricardo Reis
Alussein Ability: Nicholas can manipulate his own density as well as others'. He also possess some superstrength.
ST 15 (35)     DX 12   IQ 12     HT 12
Speed: 6     Move: 6
Damage: Thr 1d (4d-1), Sw 2d (6d+1); Karate 1d
Appearance: Male caucasian.
Advantages: High Pain Threshold
Disadvantages: Bad Sight (Nearsight), Bad Temper, Hard of Hearing, Overweight, Sense of Duty (Friends)
Super Advantages: Damage Resistance 8(Only When Density Increased -10%), Enhanced ST +20 (Only When Density Increased -10%), Increased Density (Affect Others 40%, Link to Insubstantiality 10%; Resisted by HT -20%), Insubstantiality (Affect Others 40%, Carry Up to No Encumbrance +10%; Cost X Fatigue -10%, Link to Increased Density -10%)
Powers and Skills:
Skills: Area Knowledge (New York) 14, Blackjack 13, Brawling 14, Carousing 13, Driving (Car) 15, Guns (Pistol/TL7) 12 (14), Mechanic (Automobiles) 15, Singing 13, Streetwise 13
Languages: English 12, Greek 12
History: Nicholas emmigrated to the United States when he was young. In New York, he eventually found a job as a taxi driver. He has been doing that ever since. So, when David Boyle offered him the clinic deal, he accepted it, provided he could take his taxi there.

copyright 1996 Ricardo Reis

Paul Chan
Created by Paulino Soares
Alussein Ability: Paul can turn into a lung, an Oriental dragon.
Note: Italicized characteristics are for the lung form only. Skills levels are listed for Paulís attributes, except Power skills. Those marked with * belong only to Paul.
ST 12 (31)     DX 14 (12)   IQ 10 (12)    HT 14
Speed: 7     Move: 7, 8 flying (48kph)
Damage: Thr 1d-1 , Sw 1d+2; Karate 1d; Bite 2d-1 cut
Appearance: Male Asian; Paul has Bruce Lee's appearance/Imperial dragon with horns, whiskers and black scales.
Advantages: Ambidexterity, Combat Reflexes
Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous), Glory Hound*, Horizontal, Preserver/Destroyer, Sense of Duty (Friends), Short Arms, Stubbornness*, Vow (Won't strike a fallen opponent), Wealth (Dead Broke)
Super Advantages: Fangs,Growth 6 (Always On -20%, Maximum Size Only -40%), Infravision, PD2, Regeneration (Regular)
Super Disadvantages: Uncontrollable Change
Skills: Acrobatics 15, Acting 9, Guns (Pistol/TL7) 15, Judo 14, Karate (Shaolin Kung Fu) 17, Meditation 7, Philosophy (Buddhism) 8, Sleight of Hand 12
Languages: English 10, Mandarin 11
Maneuvers: Arm Lock 16, Axe-Kick 16, Back Kick 17, Feint [Karate] 17, Hook Kick 17, Jump Kick 17, Kicking 17, Spin Kick 17, Spinning Punch 16
Quirks: Fond of children, Has 9 fingers, Likes leather jackets, Prefers to speak in Mandarin, Short, Trademark (Gloves)
History: Paul worked as an actor in several Hong Kong action movies. One day, David Boyle met him and convinced him that he had some kind of paranormal ability, although no sign of it had ever been noticed. Paul agreed to travel to the Wentworth Clinic, where he met his future comrades (The Gathering). At first, paul was amazed by his power, but the cryptic nature of his transformation left him somewhat frustrated. His fight with Knife didn't help either.
    Before leaving Hong Kong, Paul converted all of his assets into cash. However, during the escape from the clinic, he forgot the money in his room and now has to depend on his runaway friends for funds.

copyright 1996 Paulino Soares

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