Non Player Characters

Created by Fred Furtado
Name: Unkown
Born: Unknown
Alussein Ability: Knife has enhanced physical traits and senses.
ST 20     DX 15    IQ 12     HT 14/20
Speed: 7.25     Move: 7
Damage: Thr 2d-1 , Sw 3d+2
Appearance: Male caucasian; blue-skinned, strongly-muscled body, red eyes and pointy ears, fleshy tentacles with red-and-black ring pattern instead of hair; 1,95m/108kg
Advantages: Alertness +3, Combat Reflexes
Disadvantages: Appearance (Hideous), Bully, Odious Personal Habits (Eats other sentients), Sadism, Sense of Duty (Alussein inhabitants)
Super Advantages: Cast Iron Stomach, Damage Resistance 4, Discriminatory Smell, Infravision, No Pain, Regeneration (Fast), Sharp Teeth, Silence +3
Skills: Acrobatics 15, Climbing 16, Karate 16, Knife 20, Knife Throwing 18, Lockpicking 13, Stealth 17, Tracking 16
Language: English 12
Quirks: Doesn't talk much; Sheaths small knives under chest skin; Takes a finger from those he defeats in combat
History: Nothing is known about Knife's previous life. He joined the Alussein community a few months after Old Man Prophet had created it and has been a steadfast member. Sometimes he will disappear for days, but he always comes back. Some say he goes hunting for human flesh... but not to his face.

copyright 1996 Fred Furtado


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