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Caipora [kah-ee-POH-r'ah]Caipora
Created by Carlos Augusto
Name: Carlos Augusto de Assumpção Figueiredo
Born: September 18th, 1969; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wild Card Ability: Caipora can mimic the natural powers of animals as well as communicate with them.
ST 10     DX 13    IQ 12     HT 9
Speed: 5.5     Move: 5
Damage: Thr 1d-2 , Sw 1d; Karate 1d-2
Appearance: Male caucasian; black hair all over the body and black large-irised eyes with nictitating membranes; 1,74m/66kg.
Advantages: Animal Empathy, Intuition
Disadvantages: Appearance (Ugly), Impulsiveness, Odious Personal Habits, Pacifism (Cannot Kill, Self-Defense), Sense of Duty (Animals, Friends), Social Stigma (Joker), Vow (Vegetarianism, Word-Bound)
Super Advantages: Chameleon +1, Discriminatory Smell (Can Detect Emotions +50%), Nictitating Membrane +1, Silence +1, Speak with Animals
Powers and Skills: Control Animal 15 (18), Mimic Animal Powers 15 (6), Sense Animal 13 (5)
Skills: Area Knowledge (Rio 12, Floresta da Tijuca 12), Bicycling 12, Boating 11, Climbing 12, Computer Op. 11, Driving (Car) 14, Ecology 15, Fast-Talk 11, Fishing 13, Hobby (RPG) 12, Karate 10, Naturalist 9, Navigation 9, Occultism 12, Research 11, Riding (Horse) 15, Scuba 11, Sports (Skate) 11, Stealth 15, Swimming 12
Languages: English 10, Portuguese 12, Swedish 6
Quirks: Always walks barefoot, Doesn’t like to wear black, Doesn’t like to wear watches, chains and rings, Gullible, Loves chinese food, Wears long hair
History: Carlos was infected together with his friends and girlfriend, in 1993, and became a hairy anthropoid with paranormal afinity to animals. After some adventures in Rio, which ended somewhat sadly, Carlos went to Pantanal. He married his girlfriend, Carla, who also became a joker.
In Real Life: Carlos is still an anthropoid, although not as hairy. He also married Carla and they live in Rio. Carlos has completed his Masters in fish systematics and is now doing his doctorate in USP, in São Paulo, Brazil.

copyright 1993 Carlos Augusto

Fred Furtado Fred Furtado
Created by Fred Furtado
Name: Frederico Augusto de Castro Furtado
Born: June 4th, 1969; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wild Card Ability: Fred is immortal. He also has some limited precognitive ability and is able to induce unreasonable trust in other people by exuding pheromones.
ST 9     DX 10    IQ 13     HT 12
Speed: 5.5     Move: 5
Damage: Thr 1d-2 , Sw 1d-1
Appearance: Male caucasian; sun tanned skin, shoulder-length dark brown hair and medium brown eyes; 1,95m/85kg; Fred's average body temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius
Advantages: Absolute Timing, Charisma +3, Eidetic Memory 2, Immunity to Disease, Wealth (Filthy Rich)
Disadvantages: Pacifism (Cannot Kill), Sense of Duty (Friends), Sterile
Super Advantages: Doesn't Eat or Drink, Doesn't Sleep, Hard to Kill +4, Immunity to Poison, Recovery, Regeneration (Regular), Unaging
Powers and Skills: ESP (Precognition skill only) 14 (2), Telepathy (Aspect skill only; Double reaction bonus w/opp. sex +50%, Depends on target's sense of smell -20%, Reduce Range x8 -80%) 13 (20)
Reaction Bonus: +9 w/men; +15 w/women
Skills: Area Knowledge (Ipanema 14, Rio 14), Artist (Drawing) 13, Bard 13, Bicycling 10, Bow 10, Diplomacy 14, Driving (Car) 9, Fast-Talk 15, Fencing 12, Genetics/TL7 15, Guns (Rifles/TL7) 12, Hobby (Comics 14, RPG 14), Savoir-Faire 16, Swimming 10
Languages: Arabic 13, English 15, German 4, Japanese13, Portuguese 15
Quirks: Honest, Doesn't like alcohol or drugs, Isn't too scrupulous about the use of his pheromone power, Wants to travel through space and meet other races, Wisecracker
History: Fred's fascination with the wild card led him to study biology in college. During this time, he received a scholarship to work in the wild card lab at UFRJ, the only BL4 lab in Rio. One day, while taking his college friends on a tour of the facility, the group stumbled upon an open vial of virus that shouldn't be there. Fred apparently died due to accelerated aging. However, hours later, he woke up at the university morgue young again. Fred knew that the wild card powers had a deep psychological factor and eventually he realized he had glimpses of the future. He used that ability, with some help from Paulino, to win the lottery. He gave part of the money to Paulino and invested the rest. He aslo established a credit line of four thousand dollars a month, approximately 10% of his monthly income, to the wild card clinic in Santa Teresa. He then dropped out from the Master's program and tried to create a group of aces to help solve wild card related problems. His plan failed miserably, but he and his friends did get involved with the people responsible for their accident... in a violent fashion. That's when Fred found out about his regeneration. After the incident, Fred took his friends to New York, more specifically, to the Jokertown Clinic, where they learned more details about their powers. Back in Rio, they got involved with a mysterious Phillipine ace, Cussano, and befriended Guará and Quati. The incident led to the death of Batata. This caused a lot of grief and Fred spent the next year traveling around the world. He came back just in time to be recruited by the Brazilian government to investigate a Twisted Fist plot in Rio.
In Real Life: Fred didn't win the lottery (unfortunately) and didn't drop out of the master's program. He completed it and entered the PhD program at the Biophysics Institute Carlos Chagas Filho/UFRJ, in Rio. He is currently at the Harvard School of Public Health as a visiting fellow.

copyright 1993 Fred Furtado

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