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Rio de Janeiro
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Quati [kwah-TEE]
Created by Fred Furtado
Name: Unknown.
Born: 1977; somewhere in Pantanal, Brazil
Wild Card Ability: Enhanced agility and sense of smell.
ST 10     DX 16    IQ 10     HT 11
Speed: 6.75     Move: 6
Damage: Thr 1d-2, Sw 1d
Appearance: Female caucasian; short upswept red hair and black eyes, red furred tail; 1,60m/45 kg
Advantages: Alertness +3, Appearance (Attractive), Double-Jointed, Patron (Guará)
Disadvantages: Curious, Illiteracy, Mute, Primitive (TL2), Sense of Duty (Guará), Shy (Mild), Social Stigma (Joker), Wealth (Struggling), Youth (17)
Super Advantages: Claws (Small), Discriminatory Smell, Extra Arm (Tail/No Physical Attack)
Skills: Area Knowledge (Pantanal) 14, Climbing 16, Sign Language 12, Stealth 16, Survival (Marshlands) 14, Swimming 16, Tracking 10+4
Languages: Portuguese 10, Spanish 9
Quirks: Alcohol Intolerance; Distractible; Playful; Prefers to be outdoors
History: Nobody knows who Quati's parents are. She seems to have been abandoned in Pantanal at an early age. She managed to survive, but lack of contact with humans turned her into a savage. She was found by Guará when she was seven. He took pity on her and decided to raise and teach her. Thanks to his efforts, Quati managed to get acquainted with civilization once again. When she was sixteen, Quati was kidnapped and taken to Rio to be sold to Cussano, a Phillipine ace who maintained a wild card harem. She escaped, but, if not for the timely intervention of Batata, she would have been dead. Unfortunately, Batata died as a result of saving her. This brought together his friends and Guará, who had gone to Rio to rescue Quati. Her name was given to her by the rangers, who thought that she resembled that animal. She seems to agree, because she always refers to herself by that name and has never asked for another one.

copyright 1993 Fred Furtado

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