Wild Cards
Rio de Janeiro
Non Player Characters

Created by Fred Furtado
Name: Roberto Andrada Villela
Born: January 30th,1960; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wild Card Ability: Enhanced senses and move.
ST 14     DX 14    IQ 14     HT 14
Speed: 7     Move: 18 (65 kph)
Damage: Thr 1d, Sw 2d; Punch 1d-1
Appearance: Male caucasian; short black hair and brown eyes, sun darkened skin; 1,78m/80kg
Advantages: Absolute Direction, Alertness +5, Animal Empathy, Combat Reflexes, Less Sleep x3, Night Vision, Reputation: Protector of Pantanal (Pantanal's inhabitants/All the time) +3
Disadvantages: Dependent (Quati), Intolerance (Poachers), Reputation: Protector of Pantanal (Pantanal Exploiters/All the time) -3, Vow (Protect Pantanal), Wealth (Struggling)
Super Advantages: Discriminatory Smell (Detect Emotions +50%), Discriminatory Taste, Disease-Resistant, Infravision, Parabolic Hearing x6, Polarized Eyes, Sensitive Touch, Subsonic Hearing, Super Running, Telescopic Vision x3, Ultrahearing
Skills: Area Knowledge (Pantanal) 18, Boating 14, Brawling 18, Climbing 16, Ecology 12, Fast Draw (Knife) 16+1, First Aid 14, Guns (Pistol 16+2, Rifles 16+2), Jumping 15, Knife 18, Knife Throwing 17, Literature 13, Naturalist 14, Orienteering 13, Poisons 13, Running 16, Stealth 16, Survival (Marshlands) 15, Swimming 16, Sign Language 14, Tracking 15+4, Traps 13
Languages: English 12, Portuguese 14, Spanish 13
Quirks: Always serious, only looses up with Quati; Dislikes firearms, but will use them; Doesn't talk much; Dresses in jeans cut-offs and a survival vest; Voracious reader
History: Roberto's wild card was on the table since his birth. As a consequence of his heightened senses, life in the city was unbearable to him. Roberto's father's family had a small property in the Pantanal, so his parents decided to move there. Roberto grew up in a place where nature was unbound. He spent several hours playing in the marshes and watching the animals. He came to love the Pantanal deeply. But his mother, as much as she appreciated his happiness, wasn't going to let her son become a savage. Being an elementary school teacher, she made sure Roberto had proper education. Although, at first, Roberto felt miserable during the classes, he developed a taste for it. Before he knew it, he was hooked on books and read everything he could get his hands on. Especially, if they were books about nature or animals. After the death of his father, they lost the little land they had and were forced to move to Corumbá. Roberto couldn't stand the city and often went back to the marshlands, where he befriended the overworked and underpaid rangers. They taught him several things and he helped them in several other occasions, but he never wanted to join them. When he was seventeen, he befriended a lone maned wolf cub. From that moment on, until the wolf's death, six years later, they were unseparable. This association would later earn Roberto his nickname. Shortly after Roberto's twenty-fourth birthday, his mother died. Having nothing else that tied him to the city, he moved once and for all to the marshlands. Months later, he met a little wild joker girl, Quati, living by herself in Pantanal. He grew fond of her and decided to raise her. Roberto has become a legend in Pantanal. He maintains an ongoing struggle against those that would destroy the paradise he lives in. In 1994, he went went to Rio to rescue Quati, who had been kidnapped. While there, he befriended a group of wild carders who helped him and Quati at the cost of one of theirs' life.
Note: I don't know exactly why, but I've always been fond of this character. As a result, he always shows up in my superhero campaigns. This is his third or fourth incarnation. No matter what rpg system or universe, if the campaign involves superheroes or paranormals, you can be sure that Guará, and usually Quati, will be around in the Pantanal.

copyright 1993 Fred Furtado

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