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This is the central resource for all of Planet Fred's Star Trek rpg campaigns. Here you will find links to the individual campaigns' pages, which include information on characters, adventures and house rules. The gaming system used is GURPS by Steve Jackson Games, but we have adopted the ship stats of Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG (used in conjunction with the space combat system of GURPS Space 3rd Edition). The Portal also contains many Star Trek links, mainly game-related, but there are some general ones.

Well, enjoy it! And if you want, you can drop me a line or leave a comment at the PatchComm.

No copyright violation is intended. Star Trek and affiliated material is copyright of Paramount.

The material presented here is my original creation (Fred Furtado ©1996-2008, except where the name of the author is mentioned, like the Mission Logs), intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

GURPS is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.


Star Trek: Yamato
Image by Ricardo "Barney" Reis

Excitement, drama and wonder filled the four seasons of adventures of the intrepid crew of the USS Yamato. From battles with ancient races to trips through the timestream, passing through political intrigue and criminal plots, this crew saw it all and managed to secure a place at the Federation's Hall of Fame.

Star Trek: Highflyer
A new ship to face new challenges.

Star Trek: Nautilus

Still boldly going where no one has gone before.

Investigating crimes and strange occurrences within Starfleet.


Steve Jackson Games - The official homepage of the company that produces GURPS, my favorite rpg system.
GURPS Star Trek: Modular Edition - A more complete, organized and updated version of the unofficial adaptation of the TV series for GURPS. One of the materials that served as reference to come up with the camapigns. More of a cinematic approach. The original can be found here.
GURPS Final frontier - Yet another adaptation of Star Trek for GURPS. This one is more realism-oriented. It also served as reference and I favor it a little more.
FASA - The publisher of the Star Trek Role Playing Game.
Last Unicorn Games - The company that produced the Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG
TrekRPG - A great fan site of LUG's Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG. They have extensive resources and, although the game line has been discontinued, are planning on creating more.
Wizards of the Coast - The new owners of Last Unicorn Games
Stargame - This was a play-by-e-mail (PBEM) with a Star Trek setting. Now, it hosts several mailing lists which cover subjects ranging from Star Trek to cats. Take a look!
Star Trek Continuum - The official site of one of the best science-fiction TV series ever made.
UFC465537 Guardian of Forever - Several links for Star Trek RPG games.
Section 31 - Federation Spy Ship X2574 - Home for an IRC-based Star Trek Role-Playing Simulation aboard the spy ship X2574: an elite craft operated by Section 31, the Federation's covert operations division.

If you know of any more links, tell me and I will add them.

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