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This page centers around my gaming group's Shadowrun (SR) campaign. Like most other campaigns, ours is based out of Seattle because it is the most detailed sprawl in the early books. We played a lot when the game was published, then we stopped playing (SR, not other RPGs) for some years and resumed recently.

Here you will find a log of our adventures, stats for the Player Characters (PC), info on the Non-Player Characters (NPC) and house rules.

It is a little crude now, but I will try to improve its look. Of course, I recognize that Shadowrun and all its published or associated material is a registered trademark and copyrighted by FASA Corporation, with all rights reserved, and I am not trying to challenge it, etc. All original material in this page is copyrighted 1997 Fred Furtado, unless otherwise noted, but may be copied for non-profit uses like games.


Adventure Logs

Here you will find the list of our most recent adventures. Although we played a lot of them a few years back, including published ones like Queen Euphoria, Mercurial, Dreamchipper, Dragon Hunt and Bottled Demon, most were created by ourselves and we didn't keep records. So I can't really write logs for those adventures. I'll try to compensate by creating a History section in the character's records highlighting the main events of those adventures.

The links will lead to a summary of the adventure with additional information like real date, Karma and financial rewards. The summaries will be separated in adventure parts to reflect adventures that took more than one gaming session to play.

To Catch an Elf - 15/8-Mar-2057

Elven Payback - 21/2-Mar-2057

Dry Run - 15/8-Apr-2057

Ghost Story - 7/9-Jun-2057

Celtic Double-Cross - 1/7-Jul-2057

The Player Characters

Here is a list of all the PCs, including race and "profession", as well as the respective player. The links will lead to a more detailed record. KIA stands for "killed in action" and means that the character has died during one of the adventures.

Bluefish - Human Street Samurai - Paulino Soares

Equinox - Human Mage - Cláudio "JJ" Bustamante

Flashfingers - Human Mage - Fred Furtado

Grunf - Troll Mercenary - Rodrigo "Magoo" Bisaggio

Jacknife (KIA) - Human Mage - Cláudio "JJ" Bustamante

Krang - Human Physical Adept - Paulino Soares

Melter - Human Lion Shaman - Felipe Barreto

Plague - Dwarf Merc Ganger - Carlos Figueiredo

Razorback - Human Street Samurai - Ricardo "Barney" Reis

Terminator - Human Street Samurai - Fred Furtado

Werwolf - Elf Hitman - Fernando Sicuro

The Non-Player Characters

Below is a list of the major NPCs of our adventures. They have either appeared more than one time in our campaign, or made an important contribution to the campaign during their single appearance. NPCs who work as a group are listed here and their group under Groups & Locations.

Djinni - Free Spirit

Doc Death - Street Samurai/Seattle

Daze - Fixer/Seattle

Gina - Fixer/Seattle

Jerry D. - Vampire Mercenary/Seattle

Jezebel Jones - Human Talismonger/Seattle

Shiva - Human Bounty Hunter/Seattle

Tiberius - Shapeshifter Mercenary/Seattle

Groups & Locations



New Stuff

In this section you will find a compilation of all the new stuff that appeared in our campaign. By "new" I mean stuff that does not come from published FASA material. In other words, things that we created for the campaign. In the Critters section, you will find several paranimals that my friend (Paulino de Souza) and I created for our sourcebook proposal, Paranormals Animals of South America, a long time ago. We have decided to upload all the write-ups. There is not a lot of information, but the game stats are all there. All the entries marked with an * are from the proposal.




The Weird

The Weird is a collection of some ideas I have had, but not implemented yet. They may never appear in a campaign of mine, but their presence here is strong indication to the contrary. Some of the ideas are not very original, being just adaptations of other concepts to the SR world and rules. But the others are very interesting. At least in my opinion. :)

Dimensional Travel

Orichalcum Bone Lacing

Robocop Write-up

The Crow Effect

House Rules

Since the first edition of Shadowrun, we have created house rules to improve certain aspects of the game that we didn't like. We have done the same in the Second Edition. Below, you will find a list of our house rules and links to their explanations.

A Sourcebook Proposal

On January 15th, 1998, my friend Paulino Soares and I sent to Michael Mulvihill at FASA a sourcebook proposal. The sorcebook in question would be called Paranormal Animals of South America and would describe several critters from Amazonia and Brazil. We never heard back from FASA, so we concluded they were not interested. Either that or the porposal letter got lost by the post office. :] Anyway, since FSA has discontinued the Shadowrun line, we decided to upload some of the preliminary write-ups we did for the book. You can find them at the New Stuff section. I have also uploaded the proposal letter so you all can have an idea of what we envisioned for the book.

The Proposal

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