This page is a quick-reference list for people, places and organizations in the Silver R.I.N.G. campaign. It functions as the main directory for the Silver R.I.N.G.'s NPC write-ups, allowing people to go straight to each npc's sheet without having to wade through several pages.

Although the idea is to have everything listed here, major figures, like the player characters and important non-player characters, will have more complete coverage in other sections of this site. If this is the case, their entries will have a link to the appropriate file. Some of these files will be in Total Fuzion form and some will be in Instant Fuzion form (most normals will be in the latter category). This may be due to importance or just to save time on my part. Some Instant Fuzion forms may be upgraded to Total Fuzion if I think the change is warranted. Also, at the end of each entry, there will be a link to the first adventure in which the subject has appeared.

Note: The entries are ordered alphabetically according to first name, not last. So, José Moreira is under J, not M.





Alliance: A paranormal group formed during World War II to help the Allies. Its members were Big Ben, Goldenman, Golem, Relâmpago, Valiant, Ramses and Zamora.

Airhead: A member of the Bizarre Company. Has mind control powers. [Among Bizarre Company]

Alex Mosqueiro: One of the vampires the Silver Field Team discovered in Rio. [Fiery Tuesday]

Angela: A member of the Bizarre Company. Eros' sister. Has feathery wings and an emotion control power. [Among Bizarre Company]

Arthur Volkenstein: Brazilian industrialist and owner of Volkenstein, Ltda. who acquired Mjöllnir in 2001.[The Hammer]

Artur Alencastro: Owner of nightclub Sob a Linha Vermelha and one of the vampires the Silver Field Team discovered in Rio. [Mad Sunday]

Asgard: Home of the Asgardians. It was a continent of their homeworld made spaceborne by the aliens. It was destroyed by Fenris. [The Hammer]

Asgardians: Homeless aliens who assumed the identities of the Norse gods at the end of the first millenium AD. [The Hammer]

Azagaia: Leader of the Caçadores. Possesses a mystical azagaia. [Enter the Hunters]


Bifrost: The Rainbow Bridge. The Asgardians transport system out and into Asgard. It was an artificially created wormhole. Heimdallr guarded it.

Bizarre Company: A group of strange paranormal criminals. Allegedly connected to Lord Thanatos. Its roster includes Airhead, Angela, Candlekeep, Captain Schizo, Eros, Mentalus and Pieces. [Among Bizarre Company]

Black Diamond: The Gold R.I.N.G.'s Field Team Leader. Invulnerable. Brother of Gigantus. [Bloody Monday]

Bloodline: A worldwide network of vampire havens. [Bloody Monday]


Caçadores: A Brazilian group of paranormal mercenaries. Its roster includes Azagaia, Espinho, Pororoca and Tatarana. A fifth member, Rocha, was destroyed by Eliminador. [Enter the Hunters]

Caiman: Former member of the M.E.B.. Had super-strength and armor skin. Died at the Millenium Battle. [Alliances]

Caio Quintana, Major: Head of SWORD's Brazilian office. [Mad Sunday]

Camilo: Yuppie vampire who attacked Jennifer in the Sambódromo. Companion of Cássio and César. Beheaded by Stalker. [Mad Sunday]

Candlekeep: A member of the Bizarre Company. Has a ghostly appearance and soul-draining powers. [Among Bizarre Company]

Captain Schizo: Leader of the Bizarre Company. Has super-strength and super-stamina. [Among Bizarre Company]

Carla Oliveira: Eliminador's girlfriend. [The Battle]

Cassidy King: Ring, Inc.'s president.

Cássio: Grunge vampire companion of Camilo and César. Staked by Homonça and incinerated by SEAM bombs. [Mad Sunday]

César: Biker vampire companion of Camilo and Cássio. Beheaded by Stalker. [Mad Sunday]

Comando Vermelho: Red Commando, Rio's most powerful organized crime institution. Led by Ismael, o Doido.

Comet Raiders: Zaridian mercenaries commanded by Zorn who attacked the Earth in 1978. They were defeated by a group of 18 paranormals.

Cruzeiro do Sul: Former leader of the M.E.B.. Had a powersuit with force-field, flying and energy blast powers. Died at the Millenium Battle.

Cruzeiro do Sul II: Current leader of the M.E.B.. Has an enhanced version of the original powersuit. [Alliances]


Damocles Imperative: International provision that, when invoked by a SWORD member country, allows the organization to conduct military mission on the member's territory. [Enter the Hunters]

Daniel Moreira: Brazilian boy who is the eight incarnation of Ramses. Son of José and Lara. [Enter the Hunters]

Donner: Member of the Übermensch. Greatgrandfather of Donner II. Claimed to be the incarnation of the Norse thunder god and to wield the real Mjöllnir. Died during World War II.

Donner II: Member of the Ring. Greatgrandson of the original Donner. Died at the Millenium Battle.

Durgai: Martial offshoot of the Zaridians created by the Voi.


Eduardo Werner, Dr.: Late Silver R.I.N.G.'s Physics Expert. Died in the destruction of Asgard. [The Hammer]

Einherjar: Asgardian troops recruited from Viking warriors that died in battles. [The Wolf that Ate the Sun]

Eliminador: A member of the Silver R.I.N.G.'s Field Team who was a particularly violent vigilante. [The Forging of the Ring]

Eros: A member of the Bizarre Company. Angela's brother. Has the ability to project love. [Among Bizarre Company]

Espectro: A member of the M.E.B.. Can become intangible. [Alliances]

Espinho: A member of the Caçadores. Has a thorny body and hair tentacles. [Enter the Hunters]

Exorcist: A vigilante who specializes in mystical threats like vampires and werewolves, he helped the Silver Field Team fight Klacahthal. Former pupil of the Witch Hunter. [The Awakening]


Fasolt: Ancient dragon posing as a human paranormal and working with Arthur Volkenstein. He tricked the Silver Field team into freeing Fenris. Was Fafnir's brother and Loki's ally. [The Hammer]

Fenris: Ancient paranormal imprisoned by the Asgardians. Can change into a lycanthropic form and absorb vast amounts of energy. Released from captivity by Fasolt and the Silver Field Team, he proceeded to destroy Asgard. Loki's son and Hel's brother. Died in the destruction of Asgard. [The Hammer]

Fournier-Bornheim: Paranormal classification system used by most paranormal agencies. It combines the Fournier Paranormal Class Table and the Bornheim Scale of Paranormal Abilities. Used in conjuction with SWORD's Threat Level system.

Freyja: Asgardian goddess of love and leader of the Valkyries. [Ragnarök]


Glória Quintão: One of the vampires the Silver Field Team discovered in Rio. [Fiery Tuesday]

Gold: R.I.N.G.'s North American branch. Current Field Team members are Black Diamond, Chimera, Feline, Gigantus, Locust and Valiant II.

Golguintê: An arcane alloy that nullifies magic. Used by the Exorcist, the Witch Hunter and SWORD's Silver Dagger squad. [The Battle]

Grays: Hypothetical alien race responsible for human abductions and cattle mutilations. Believed to be the Voi.


Heimdallr: Asgardian watcher and defender of Bifrost. He is the one who alerted the Asgardians that Ragnarök had come. [The Wolf that Ate the Sun]

Hel: 1. Asgardian goddess of death and administrator of the engineering section of Asgard. Died in the destruction of Asgard. [Ragnarök] 2. Engineering section of Asgard under the command of Hel. [Ragnarök]

Homonça: A member of the Silver R.I.N.G.'s Field Team. Felinoid human. [Mad Sunday]


Iara: A member of the M.E.B.. Demi-goddess with water-based powers. [Alliances]

Ismael: Leader of the Comando Vermelho. Believed to be a paranormal with super-resistance and endurance. Also knows as "O Doido" [The Mad].


Jaguar Negro: A member of the M.E.B.. Felinoid human. [Alliances]

Jennifer: Samba school dancer who was attacked by the vampire Camilo. [Mad Sunday]

José Moreira: Daniel's father and Lara's husband. [Enter the Hunters]


Kaiua: Zorn's chief assistant in the attack of Earth. After the defeat, he secretly pleaded asylum from the USA and received it.

Kanns: Scientifically-inclined offshoot of the Zaridians created by the Voi.

Kassad Alhamud: One of the vampires the Silver Field Team discovered in Rio. Staked by Homonça and incinerated by SEAM bombs. [Bloody Monday]

Klacahthal: Ancient extradimensional being that was hybernating in caves near Sombra Alta. [The Battle]


Lara Moreira: Daniel's mother and José's wife. [Enter the Hunters]

Ligeirinho: The Silver R.I.N.G.'s Field Team Leader. A speedster. [The Forging of the Ring]

Loki: Human mutant adopted by Odin who led a revolt against the Asgardians. Father of Fenris and Hel. Died at the Millenium Battle. [The Hammer]

Lord Thanatos: Mystical paranormal, based in Rumania, with a mysterious agenda. Seemingly died after the Alliance attacked his castle in 1945, but is now believed to be active again. The Bizarre Company is allegedly connected to him.

Luciana Valente: Carmelite nun and childhood friend of Camilo. [Bloody Monday]


M.E.B.: Meta-Esquadrão Brasileiro, the Brazilian government's paranormal group. Its roster includes Cruzeiro do Sul II, Espectro, Iara, Jaguar Negro, Trópico and Uíra. Members Cruzeiro do Sul and Caiman died at the Millenium Battle. [Alliances]

Mariana Plügel, Captain: Head of teh Mystical Department of SWORD's Brazilian office.

Marina Teixeira Passos: Silver R.I.N.G.'s Mystic Expert. [The Awakening]

Márcio Mourão, Dr.: Late Silver R.I.N.G.'s Engineering Expert. Died in the destruction of Asgard. [The Hammer]

Mário Guerra: SEAM's director. [The Forging of the Ring]

Mentalus: A member of the Bizarre Company. Has mental powers. [Among Bizarre Company]

Midgard: Earth's Norse name that was used by the Asgardians. [Ragnarök]

Millenium Battle: The battle fought near the Moon in which 58 paranormals gave their life to banish the alien god Xiuan.

Milos Prazec: An old Czech alchemist who knows the secret formula to create golguintê. He shared the formula with the Exorcist, after the latter saved him from a vengeful werewolf.

Mimir: The surving AI from the Asgardians original planet. It administered most of the systems in Asgard and functioned as a mega-computer. [Ragnarök]

Mjöllnir: The legendary hammer of the Norse god of thunder. It was truly wielded by Donner. It disappeared after his death, being rediscovered in 2001 and sold to Arthur Volkenstein. [The Hammer]

Mystical Community: This elite fraternity consists of: Ariel, Minos, Witch Hunter, Nicodemus, Hexa, and other earth-bound characters who share a mystical background.


Odin: Leader of the Asgardians. Natural father of most of the gods and foster father of Loki. [Ragnarök]


Pieces: A member of the Bizarre Company. Has several powers. [Among Bizarre Company]

Pororoca: A member of the Caçadores. Has water-based powers. [Enter the Hunters]


R.I.N.G.: Reactive International Network of Guardians. International group of super-heroes founded by Valiant II. [The Forging of the Ring]

Ragnarök: The Twilight of the Norse Gods. When Fenris consumed Asgard's protostar power core, destroying the Asgardians' home. [The Wolf that Ate the Sun]

Ramses: The reincarnating pharaoh that was turned into the paranormal protector of Egypt by the Egyptian gods. His seventh incarnation died at the Millenium Battle. His new incarnation is Daniel Moreira. [Among Bizarre Company]

Reginaldo Thati: Archeology professor of the National Museum that helped the Silver R.I.N.G. in their rescue of Daniel. [Among Bizarre Company]

Relâmpago: The first Brazilian super-hero. Former member of the Alliance.

Relâmpago II: One of the Silver R.I.N.G.'s Field Team reserve members. [The Forging of the Ring]

Ring: One of the first paranormal groups. Had many incarnations. All members died at the Millennium Battle.

Ring, Inc: Company created by Thomas Vynn that was responsible for the Ring's finances and currently functions as the R.I.N.G.'s financial arm.

Ring, Ltda: Brazilian branch of Ring, Inc.

Rocha: A former member of the Caçadores. Was an earth elemental. Destroyed by Eliminador. [Enter the Hunters]

Rodrigo Tavares: Director of SEAM's Rio de Janeiro office. [The Forging of the Ring]


SEAM: Secretaria Especial de Assuntos Metahumanos. The Brazilian government's paranormal agency. [Enter the Hunters]

S.W.O.R.D.: Strategic Worldwide Organization for Response and Defense. United Nations' organization responsible for surveillance and protection against paranormal threats.

Sakura: Member of the Silver R.I.N.G.'s Field Team. Martial artist with telepathic powers. [The Battle]

Sandro Aguiar: Silver R.I.N.G.'s Computer Expert.

Sarkar: Reptilian race that preceded the Zaridians as experimental subjects of the Voi.

Sérgio Bastos: The Silver R.I.N.G.'s late Chief of Staff and Public Relations. Died in the destruction of Asgard. [The Forging of the Ring]

Senhor Nebuloso: The retired mystic member of the Silver R.I.N.G.'s Field Team and SEAM informant. Left the Solar system with the Asgardians to help them rebuild their home. [The Forging of the Ring]

Silver: R.I.N.G.'s South American branch. Current Field Team members are Ligeirinho, Eliminador, Homonça and Sakura. [The Forging of the Ring]

Silver Daggers: SWORD's special squads that fight supernatural threats.

Sombra Alta: Small town in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais near where Klacahthal was hybernating. [The Awakening]

Stalker: A paranormal vampire hunter. He beheaded the vampires Camilo and César. [Bloody Monday]

Stormbringers: SWORD's two special squads of paranormal operatives.

Strikeforce Alpha: US government's paranormal team. It consists of Big Brother, Blaze, Blur, Brainstorm, Hardrock, Ranger, Tracer and Witch Hunter. Members Brimstone and Drifter died at the Millenium Battle.

Suely Cintra: One of the vampires the Silver Field Team discovered in Rio. [Fiery Tuesday]


T'ien Lung: Mysterious blue paranormal that appeared one night in Rio de Janeiro and helped the Silver Field Team capture two vampires. [Mad Sunday]

Tatarana: A member of the Caçadores. Has super-strength and a flaming aura. [Enter the Hunters]

Teresa Erlich, Dr.: The Silver R.I.N.G.'s chief physician and paranormal physiology expert. [Alliances]

Thor: Asgardian god of thunder and protector of Midgard. Is a class alpha paranormal with super-strength, super-endurance and regenerative abilities. Son of Odin and a Viking woman named Jörd. [Ragnarök]

Threat Level: Color-code system used by SWORD to classify the threat potential of a paranormal. Used in conjuction with the Fournier-Bornheim paranormal classification system.

Trópico: A member of the M.E.B.. Has heat-based powers. [Alliances]

Tyr: Asgardian god of war and tactical expert. [Ragnarök]


Übermensch: Nazist paranormal group from World War II. Its roster included Blitzkinder, Donner, Geistkrieger, Panzer, Totemkopf and Valkyrie.

Uíra: A member of the M.E.B.. Has voice-related mystical powers and can fly. [Alliances]


Valiant: Bartholomew Prescott, the first modern super-hero. Former member of the Alliance and the Ring. Zamora's husband. Grandfather of Valiant II and Victory. Died at the Millennium Battle.

Valiant II: R.I.N.G.'s founder and member of its Gold branch. The original Valiant and Zamora's grandson, and brother of Victory. [The Forging of the Ring]

Valkyrie: Member of the Übermensch. Had super-strenth, super stamina and a death touch. Died in World War II.

Valkyries: Elite Asgardian warrior women led by Freyja. Also known as Choosers of the Slain. [The Hammer]

Victory: Stormbringer 1's Leader. Granddaughter of Valiant and Zamora, and sister of Valiant II.

Voi: Alien race that transplanted Neandertal men to Zaridia. Also known as "Grays". Disappeared 3,000 years ago.

Volkenstein, Ltda.: Arthur Volkenstein's company.


Waleska: Asgardian woman who helped Fasolt and the Silver Field Team free Fenris. [The Wolf that Ate the Sun]

Walter Aragão: Ring, Ltda.'s president. [Fiery Tuesday]

Witch Hunter: Strikeforce Alpha's mystical member. Former mentor of the Exorcist.


Xiuan: Alien god who manifested near the Moon at the end of 1999. It took the sacrifice of 58 paranormals to banish him at the Millennium Battle.


ZAP: Zaridian Amplification Process. Biological-enhancement treatment created by the Zaridians.

Zamora: Zaridian princess and former member of the Alliance. Zorn's sister, wife of Valiant and grandmother of Valiant II and Victory.

Zaridia: Homeworld of the Zaridians. Orbits Wolf 9156, 125 lightyears away from Earth.

Zaridians: Alien race descended from Neandertal men transplanted offworld by the Voi.

Zaridium: Highly resistant metallic alloy used by the Zaridians, stronger than any Terran alloy. [The Hammer]

Zapped: Someone who has undergone the ZAP. [The Hammer]

Zapper: Authentic or bootlegged equipment used in illegal ZAP sessions.

Zorn: Zaridian prince who attacked Earth in 1978 together with the Comet Raiders. Brother of Zamora. Died in 1978.


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