The Silver group is the South American branch of the organization known as the Reactive International Network of Guardians, or R.I.N.G.. It was created in August of 2000, in Chicago, by Randolph Prescott (aka Valiant II), the original Valiant's grandson, and Cassidy King, Ring Inc.'s president. Randolph, having already taken on his grandfather's super-hero mantle, decided that part of the responsibility of the legacy lay in reorganizing the Ring, Earth's foremost super-hero group, which died in the fateful Battle of Luna. However, the new status quo required a different aproach. A single group, based solely on one country, would not work anymore. Especially, since most of the major groups had also died in the Millenium Battle. The new power structure of the world required a far reaching organization. That was the birth of the R.I.N.G..
      Cassidy King bought Randolph's idea and together they put his plan into motion. They decided on the number of team branches and their locations. Then they opened overseas branches of Ring Inc. in those countries that would hold team branches. Materiel and personnel selction and distribution followed, with field team recruiting being left for last.
     With the Exception of the Gold R.I.N.G. (North American branch), which started together with the R.I.N.G. proper, and now the Silver R.I.N.G, there are no ther active branches. This is due to the difficulty in recruiting new paranormals to the organization. The next branch expected to become operational is the Asian one, Jade R.I.N.G., sometime in March of 2001.


Field Team
     The field team is the core of any R.I.N.G. branch. All the other sections exist solely for the purpose of providing assistance to the field team. Since it is them who go up against superpowered menaces, mystical horrors and alien threats on a frequent basis, all resources are directed to maintain their needs.
     Optimal size for a field team has been projected at being five to seven members, although a number as low as three is acceptable for low-threat missions. There is always a Team Leader, who is considered the maximum authority level in the field and is able to speak for the group officially. There is also a Deputy Team Leader who becomes the commander in the absence of the Team Leader. Aside from the active members of the field team, the Team Leader can call on reserve members, if he deems necessary and they are available. Reserve members are paranormals who do not want to be permanently attached to the group, but have agreed to provide assistance on occasion. Reserves are not legally bound to the group and can refuse to help, but their colaboration allows them to have access to certain R.I.N.G. services and facilities.

Silver Field Team
     The Silver Field Team currently has three active members and two reserve ones. All active members, except Sakura, are Brazilians which has invited criticisms that the Silver Field Team is the Brazilian branch of the R.I.N.G., not the South American one. Ring Inc. expects to solve this problem soon, as it increases the funding of the Recruiting Office in other countries of South America.

Active Members

Reserve Members

Retired Members


     A Field Team's life would be several orders of magnitude more complex without the services provided by a branch's normal staff. Everything from vehicle maintenance to public relations is handled by a team of professionals highly trained in their respective areas. This allows the Field Team to concentrate on catching the bad guys.
     Staff is hired to work exclusively for the R.I.N.G. branch at the base, although inter-branch exchange might occur in special occasions. Professionals can expect to be paid from twice to three times the market salary for their job, as well as the full range of benefits, including health and dental care. This is to assure the
e's loyalty. Branch staff must be trusted with matters of high security and, besides a full background check and psychological evaluation, financial reward is the best way to assure that. R.I.N.G. branches also offer financial rewards for innovative solutions to problems or any other kind of idea that saves the team money and time, and enhances their ability to perform their job.

Silver Staff
      The Silver staff numbers twenty-six people divided into four sections: Administrative, Medical, Research and Technical. None of the staff reside at Lagoinha Base, except for Maria Gouveia Cândido, who works as a sort of governess. However, at least two members of each section are required to be on call at the base at anytime. This is acomplished by a system of rotation.

Administrative Section
Chief of Staff/Public Relations: Valéria Quintana. She also functions as the liaison between the Silver R.I.N.G. and Ring, Ltda.
Accountant: Luís Damasceno.
: Maria Gouveia Cândido.
Legal Expert: Dr. Igor Petrovsky.
Receptionist: Cláudia Benevides Pettrochio.
Secretaries: Marisa Mendonça da Costa and Patrícia Bernardes.

Medical Section
Chief Physician: Dr. Teresa Erlich. She is also the expert on paranormal physiology.
Assistant Physician: Dr. Leandro Pereira de Moraes.
Nurses: Karla Meirinho and Wellington Cardoso Siqueira.
Medical Technicians: Maria Auxiliadora Pacheco de Souza and Isabela Quintão.

Research Section
Computer Expert: Sandro Aguiar.
Biochemistry Expert:
Dr. Ana Maria Reutinger.
Biotech/Genetics Expert: Dr. Cássio de Oliveira Pinhão.
Engineering Expert:
Mystic Expert: Marina Teixeira Passos.
Paranormal Physiology Expert: Dr. Teresa Erlich. She is also the chief physician.
Physics Expert:

Technical Section
Chief Mechanic: Orlando Madureira Jr.
Aircraft Mechanic: Juscelino Benedito Rocha.
Assistant Mechanics: Edvaldo Aragão and Plínio Pessoa Alvarenga.
Cook: Rodrigo Germano Puntas.
Housekeepers: Dora Balduíno and Cristina Correia Cruz




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