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Here you will find information about the third Star Trek (ST) campaign I run. This one has a different group of players and a more "exploration of unknown space" bent.
Once again, no copyright violation is intended. Star Trek and affiliated material is copyright of Paramount. GURPS is copyright of Steve Jackson Games. Original material is copyrighted Fred Furtado 1996 (except where the name of the author is mentioned, like the Mission Logs and the ship's schematics) and can be used for non-profit uses such as games.

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The Ship

     The ship used in this campaign is the USS Nautilus, NCC-74698, an Intrepid-class ship. This ship's objective is mainly exploration, but after the events of the "The Return" it also became one of guard against what seems to be a new wave of Kinshaya.
      For technical specifications, click on the ship.

The Player Characters

     This is a list of all the characters (and their players) who have participated in the campaign so far. It includes post and planet of origin.

Captain Nigel Harriman - Commanding Officer - Terra - André Gordirro

Commander Lacan Antares - Executive Officer - Betazed - Nei Carames

Lieutenant Commander Ray - Chief Science Officer - Terra - Oswaldinho Crispim

Lieutenant Zatrang - Tactical Officer - Qo'noS - Luiz Guilherme

Ensign Alesander Saladin - Intelligence Officer - Terra - Fábio "Dentinho"

The Non-Player Characters

     Here is a list of all important non-player characters of the campaign.

Lieutenant Richard Bradley - Operations Officer - Alpha Centauri

Mission Logs

     These are the logs of the adventures that are being run in the campaign with their respective gamemasters, titles and stardates. A brief summary is included at the season heading to serve as an introduction.

First Season (2373 AD)
     A new ship and a new crew.

New Planets, Races & Ships

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