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Greetings, traveller! You have landed in Hyeronnimus, Planet Fred's archive and information site for the reality simulation entertainment (a.k.a. rpg). Here you can find hyperlinks to many rpg-related sites, from companies' to player's sites.
Hyperlinks are distributed in Centers throughout the moon, in cities or locations, according to creative environment. Each Center is further divided in Divisions according to the system they use.
Hyeronnimus also houses a gateway to the Patchworld, an undergoing effort of the Patchlord's to connect all the realities he administers.
Enjoy your stay!


Eden Studios - The publishers of C.J. Carella's WitchCraft RPG, All Flesh Must Be Eaten and Conspiracy X.
FASA - The former publisher of Shadowrun.
Gold Rush Games - The publishers of the Sengoku RPG and the Zorro RPG.
Hero Games - The publishers of the HERO System and Champions. Co-creators of the Fuzion system.
Last Unicorn Games - The company that is producing Decipher's Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG.
Pelgrane Press - The company that produces The Dying Earth RPG.
Pulsar Games - Publishers of Blood of Heroes (uses the MEGS game system from the old DC Heroes RPG).
R. Talsorian Games - Publishers of Bubblegum Crisis, Castle Falkenstein and Cyberpunk 2020 among others. Co-creators of the Fuzion system.
Steve Jackson Games - The official homepage of the company that produces GURPS, my favorite rpg system.
Tri Tac Games - The producers of Fringeworthy and FTL:2448.
Wizards of the Coast - The publishers of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition.


The Fuze - A very good site supporting the Fuzion system; includes Jason Dour's Heroic abilities plug in.
Fuzion Core - Another very good site for Fuzion resources, including the many Atomik plug-ins.
TUFW - The Ultimate Fuzion Webguide.

GURPS - The official page of the Generic Universe Role Playing System, my favorite and, probably, the best system to use in a multidimensional campaign


Legion HC deals with sites dedicated to super-hero rpg.


Heromachine - A great program that lets you draw your super-hero or fantasy characters. And it's free!

Fuzion Division

UNTIL - A page with extensive resources for the UNTIL organization in the Champions:New Millenium setting.

GURPS Division

Hero Division

Champion Write-Ups - 390 write-ups of several superhero characters for the Champions system.

Tolkien City
Tolkien City HC deals with sites dedicated to fantasy rpg.

D20 Division

Conan for D&D 3E - Adaptations of Conan The Barbarian and his universe for D&D 3E.

Dying Earth Division

The Dying Earth RPG - Based on the fantasy series of books by Jack Vance.

Tagmar Division

Tagmar - A Brazilian rpg from a friend of mine (in Portuguese).

Virtual World
Virtual World HC deals with sites dedicated to internet-based (e-mail, MUD, etc) rpg..

Voyager Hall
Voyager Hall HC deals with sites dedicated to science-fiction rpg.

Icon division

TrekRPGNet - The major site for LUG"s extinct Star Trek RPGs (offline now).

TriTac Division

FTL:2448 - An interesting science-fiction rpg where Brazil became a superpower and the hyperdrive was devised thanks to a Brazilian mathematician
Fringeworthy - Dimensional portals left by an alien species are discovered by humans and used to explore the multiverse.


Through this pathway you can go straight to the Patchworls, the central nexus of all the realities the Patchlord has constructed.


Hyeronnimus Administration

If you have suggestions about new Hyperlinks or anything else concerning this moon, subspace mail me or leave a comment at the PatchComm.


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