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Here you will find information about the fourth Star Trek (ST) campaign I run. This one concentrates on the activities of the Judge Advocate General's Special Investigation Team Gamma.
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The Premise

     During the Dominion War, the JAG office had its workload greatly increased. Besides the great demand of JAG investigators, many cases required officers that had knowledge of specific fields. Although Special Investigation Teams (SIT) were regularly used by the JAG office before the war, their assembly took time. Since most wartime cases required prompt response, Cap. Izana Kex came up with the permanent SIT program. The idea was to create multidisciplinary groups of 4 to 6 officers -- akin to Starfleet Intelligence's Mission Teams -- that would be kept on standby and assigned to cases as needed.
     The program started in the latter half of 2375, with the implementation of the SIT Alpha, composed of five officers. By the end of the war, another SIT, Beta, had been activated. The success of the program brought on the comission of two other SITs, Gamma and Delta.
     Currently, the Permanent SIT Program is in full swing and there are plans to have more SITs prepared in the next few months. Cap. Izana Kex is the Head of the program, coordinating the SITs from her office on The Hague, Terra.

The Ship

     The ship used in this campaign is the USS Dupin, NCC-78810, a Danube-class runabout. This runabout serves as the team mobile base. Although during missions SIT Gamma is temporarily assigned to specific starbases or ships, the Dupin gives them independence of movement as well as privacy for reunions and discussions.
      For technical specifications, click on the ship.

The Player Characters

     This is a list of all the characters (and their players) who have participated in the campaign so far. It includes post and planet of origin.

[Commander] Lieutenant K'tandha - Weapons expert - Qo'noS - Edson Gomes Alves

Lieutenant Arym Retlar - Science officer - Arken - Ricardo "Barney" dos Reis

Lieutenant Mikhail Showalsky Jr. - Intelligence/RRT Officer - Terra - Rodrigo "Magoo" Bisaggio

Lieutenant Parnak - Medical Officer - Vulcan - Flávio Codeço Coelho

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyria Pressis - Criminalistic Officer - Betazed - Tatiana Tavares

Ensign Mentat Gormund - Operations officer - Hallia - Fábio "Chewbacca" Mayrink

The Non-Player Characters

     Here is a list of all important non-player characters of the campaign.

Captain Izana Kex - Head of the Permanent SIT Program/JAG Office - Trill

Mission Logs

     These are the logs of the adventures that are being run in the campaign with their respective gamemasters, titles and stardates. A brief summary is included at the season heading to serve as an introduction.

First Season (2376 AD)

      SIT Gamma travels through the Federation investigating crimes and strange occurrences involving Starfleet personnel.


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