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Here you will find information about the second Star Trek (ST) campaign I run. This one was based on an idea by Paulino Soares. His character on our USS Yamato campaign, Captain Phillip Weygand, designed and successfully "sold" the idea of a new ship to Starfleet. This new class prototype was constructed under Weygand's direct supervision. Weygand's ship took advantage of several breakthroughs made for Project Defiant, including the sensor refinements done by Rear Admiral Mikhail Showalsky. The Highflyer's senior officers were handpicked by Weygand.
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The Ship

     The ship used in this campaign is the USS Highflyer, NCC-78475, the Highflyer-class prototype. The objective of this new class is to provide Starfleet with a more combat oriented vessel. One capable of holding its own against Borg ships.
      For technical specifications, click on the ship.

The Player Characters

     This is a list of all the characters (and their players) who have participated in the campaign so far. It includes post and planet of origin.

Captain Phillip Weygand - Commanding Officer - Terra - Paulino Soares

Commander Sanvak - Executive Officer - Efros - Rodrigo "Magoo" Bisaggio

Lieutenant Commander Roberto T. Cruz- Chief Medical Officer - Terra - Cláudio "JJ" Bustamante

Lieutenant Commander Motat - Chief Engineer - Bolarus IX - Ricardo "Barney" Reis

Lieutenant Damien - Chief of Operations - Borg Homeworld - Me, Fred Furtado

The Non-Player Characters

     Here is a list of all important non-player characters of the campaign.

Lieutenant Commander Anke Engel - Chief of Genetics - Terra

Lieutenant Commander Piotr Dostoievsky - Conn Officer - Aldebaran III

Lieutenant Junior Grade Catarina Hernandez - Conn Officer - Terra

Lieutenant Junior Grade Helena Montoya - Engineering Officer - Terra

Lieutenant Junior Grade Janet Vance - Conn Officer - Terra

Ensign Binho - Operations Officer - Antica

Ensign Subramanian Chandrasekhar - Transporter Chief - Terra

Mission Logs

     These are the logs of the adventures that are being run in the campaign with their respective gamemasters, titles and stardates. A brief summary is included at the season heading to serve as an introduction.

First Season (2373 AD)
     After fours years of construction and testing, the USS Highflyer, commanded by Captain Phillip Weygand, undergoes a final shakedown cruise.


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