A play-by-forum roleplaying game set in the Star Wars universe and powered by There Is No Try, a slightly modified version of Steve Darlington's There Is No Spoon. This game is held at RPG.net's forums, directed by Li of Orchid and played by berkanna, Ineti, The Fiendish Dr. Samsara, keyescannon and I, Fred.


Lightsaber art was based on original work by Jeff Frey.


5,000 PR (Pre-Republic): Xim the Despot conquers the Core Worlds, then dies twenty years later. Though an evil tyrant, he formed the first galaxy-wide polity.
5,000 PR - 1 PR: Through a long period of warfare, the nascent Jedi Order and an alliance of many Core Worlds, Xim's apprentices and followers are destroyed or driven to the Rim.
1,000 PR: The Jedi Order is officially formed and builds its Temple on Coruscant.
1 YR (Year of the Republic): The Republic is officially formed by an alliance of Core Worlds. Coruscant is chosen to be the capital.
1,000 YR: The Sith Empire is born when disgraced Jedi discover the Sith homeworld and settle there. They train the native Sith in the ways of the Dark Side, and surprisingly high number of these aliens are strong in the Force.
1,500 YR-2,000 YR: The Sith Wars. The Sith Empire attacks and invades the Republic. Five centuries of brutal, unrelenting warfare ensue. At length, the Sith are driven back to their homeworld, which the Republic proceeds to glass, all but exterminating the Sith. Some non-Sith followers of the Empire and the Dark Side survive and go into hiding. They continue to follow the ways of the Sith and embrace the Dark Side, and so these successors also become known as Sith.
2,000 YR-10,000 YR: There is peace in the galaxy as the Republic and the Jedi Order watch over an ever-expanding sphere of prosperity and civilization. A few minor wars are fought, but nothing remotely approaching the scale of the Sith Wars or Xim's Wars.
10,000 YR: NOW. Colonial expansion, funded by the Core Worlds, has been going on for millenia and many colony worlds are now highly productive and heavily populated systems. Nonetheless, many are still subjects to the Core Worlds who first founded them, paying steep taxes and restricted from governing their own affairs. Rebellion is brewing all throughout the Inner Rim.
16,000 YR: The events played out in Knights of the Old Republic video game take place.
20,000 YR: The Republic is overthrown by Darth Sidious/Palpatine and the Empire is formed. All that stuff in the movies happens.



Played by Ineti

The Force: 3
Skills: Lightsaber 5, Diplomacy 5
Body chips: 3
Light Force chips: 1
Dark Force chips: 0 (cumulatively gained: 0)
Light Side: Impartial, honest, resolute
Dark Side: Impatient, proud, vindictive
Destiny: Will make sacrifices to pull Order from Chaos
Background: Ayr Ullis was born on a mid-Rim colony world, the name of which he never learned. He was delivered to the Jedi Temple when his Force potential was recognized while he was a young boy. His talent in the Force proved to be true and he was trained to become a padawan learner. He was eventually chosen to become a Padawan by Master La Riisha, a female Corellian.

      In the years he traveled and trained with Master Riisha, Ayr learned as much of the inner workings of the galaxy as he did the ways of the Jedi. He and his master were regularly tasked with resolving disputes between the Republic and the dissatisfied colonies; tasks that exposed Ayr to the core differences between the two sides. In spite of the Jedi-standard ideals of neutrality, Ayr found that Master Riisha tended to favor the side of the Republic and the interests of her home world.
      Ayr attempted to find the common ground in the arguments but occasionally found himself at odds with his master and her views. For the most part, this tension between Master and Padawan forged the duo into a more effective pairing. However, as Ayr grew older and the time of his Trials grew closer, their differences of opinion often grew heated. Ayr never publicly defied his master, but a small nugget of resentment formed within him, directed toward her.
      Once Ayr passed his trials and became a full Jedi Knight, the two separated with some relief, though the tension they shared was mixed with the respect and love they’d forged after many years’ service together. Still, Ayr was eager to be released from her care and to serve in his own way, following his own guidance.
      As a full Jedi Knight, Ayr is ready to serve the Republic as an arbiter of justice. He will do all he can to preserve the peace and harmony of the galaxy.
Physical Description: Ayr Ullis is a human male, roughly 1.8 meters tall, with a trim beard and medium-length dirty blond hair. He wears standard Jedi robes in medium browns and tans, and wields a green lightsaber of his own construction. Actor David Wenham would portray Ayr in the movie version of this game.

Played by Fred

The Force: 3
Skills: Acrobatics 5, Lightsaber 5
Body chips: 3
Light Force chips: 1
Dark Force chips: 0 (cumulatively gained: 0)
Light Side: Honorable, true, compassionate
Dark Side: Stubborn, detached, unemotional
Destiny: To head the Jedi Council
Background: Cofur Awgus grew up on the Outer Rim colony world of Dagmar. His father, who had met a Jedi Knight once, would always tell him stories about these defenders of the galaxy. Cofur knew, from the very beginning, that all he ever wanted was to be one of the lightsaber-wielding guardians. He would run around his neighborhood with a wood stick defending the weaker kids from the bullies. Cofur was pretty good at it, due to what, at the time, he thought was luck.
      Dagmar was a small colony, but there was a clear division between its inhabitants: those that answered to the Core Worlds and those who wanted full independence. Throughout the years, the conflicts between these two parties escalated and broke out into warfare when Cofur was 11. One night, he had a dream where his parents disappeared in a pillar of flame. He woke up afraid and begegd his parents not to leave the next morning, but, after soothing, him they put him to bed again. Next morning, he woke up suddenly in panic, looked for his parents but they had left for work. Feeling a strange complusion, Cofur went into the cellar. Seconds later, a pro-Core World group, bent on ending the confict once and for all, detonated a bomb at the local power plant. The resulting explosion caused a chain reaction that nearly leveled the whole city. Thousands died and many more were seriously injured.
      Cofur escaped, but his parents did not. Sitting on a pile of rubble, where he cried for several hours, he witnessed a ship landing near what was left of the spaceport. Not knowing exactly why, Cofur walked in that direction. Once there, his emotions, already in a state of agitation, became uncontrollable as he saw a Jedi Knight. Ami-Den Efree had been sent by the Jedi Order to check on the situation at Dagmar after the news of the attack had reached them. The Knight noticed the crying and shaking boy and detected his ability in the Force. Since Cofur had no living relatives, Efree took him to the Order to be trained.
      Cofur applied himself to the training with all the will he could muster . He wanted to forget the pain of his parent's death and live up to the Jedi ideal he had believed in all those years. Cofur embraced all the knowledge and instruction he gained, and was especially intent on mastering the Force abilities. He was a natural at wielding the lightsaber. Soon, the Dagmarian kid became something of a poster boy for the Order. Efree became a second father to Cofur and it his graduation to Knight, at 25 years of age, had a bittersweet taste, since he no longer would have the his Master's guidance.
      Though Cofur respects the decisions of the Council, he is not sure the Order's non-interference policy is the best course of action. He believes that an earlier intervention could have saved Dagmar and his parents.
Physical Description: Cofur is about 6' 2" (190 cm) and weighs 176 pounds (80 kg). He has shoulder-length dark brown hair that he wears in a pony tail, and borwn eyes. He usually dresses in Jedi robes, but prefers a black one, instead of the more common dark brown version. He wields a blue-bladed lightsaber of his own construction, but still keeps the green-bladed one Efree built for him.

Played by The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

The Force: 3
Skills: Charismatic 5, Lightsaber 4
Body Chips: 4 (representing dexterity more than toughness)
Light Force chips: 1
Dark Force chips: 0 (cumulatively gained: 0)
Light Side: Empathetic; confidant; talks first and shoots last
Dark Side: Manipulative; over-confident; won’t take the straight course
Destiny: To be remembered as a leader in war, but not in peace
Background: Djenji Nour was the last of eleven children born to the ruling family of Baijhaar. A highly cultured, largely peaceful race of humanoids, the Baijhaari were Core World-supporters, who had never particularly supported colonial efforts in the first place. Due to his birth order and the stability of affairs on Baijhaar, Djenji had nothing more to look forward to than a lifetime of artistic pursuit and diplomacy (one and the same to the Baijhaari). Early on, he became friends with the court outsiders, palace servants, and local underworld and by his adolescence had already achieved notoriety for his wild antics and disruptive—though essentially harmless—schemes [Djenji is the Prince Hal of Old Baijhaar).
      It was thus both a surprise and relief to the Ruling Family when the Jedi Knight Varjin Daal appeared at court and invited young Prince Djenji to join the Order. Not only would this remove Djenji from the scene of his trouble-making and provide some much-needed discipline, but having a prince in the Order also represented something of a diplomatic coup for the family. The Family expected resistance from Djenji, but he offered none: he felt that something he had long been searching for—open spaces and a future to mold for himself—was now in sight.
Personality: Djenji is immensely likeable and possesses an uncommon empathy for the struggles of all sentient beings. He is frequently motivated by the desire to help some out of their troubles, although he tends to think more in the short-term than the long. He is essentially a good fellow, but he is too clever by a half and thinks that he is even more clever than that. Many of his pranks and antics have succeeded not because of his planning, but because he is a charismatic fellow and unconsciously uses the Force to influence people. He has always been the leader of any group in which he associates (except in the Ruling Family), with loyal supporters to watch his back [the Falstaffs of Baijhaar]. As a Baijhaari, he is not naturally violent and prefers to talk or think his way out of any situation: in his heart, he can't quite view his martial training as something real, since civilized folk can always figure something out. That’s not to say that he has never seen or participated in violence, but it has been relatively rare. Jedi training his sobered him up a great deal on the outside, but not as much inside. Djenji thinks of himself as a persuasive diplomat, a clever strategist, and a reliable leader: he is not quite any of those things yet.
Physical description: The Baijhaari are an extremely human-like species, typically standing just under 2 meters with a slim, wiry build. They have amber-coloured skin and blue-black hair only on the head; they are otherwise hairless. From a human perspective, the most notable feature of the Baijhairi are the elobarate displays of melanin which they develop as they age. At adolescence, a Baijhaari begins to grows sweeping, swirling lines of melanin about the central torso; this increases as they grow older, typically reaching the face and extremities by early adulthood. This development resembles very elaborate, non-repetitive, tattooing. A Baijhaari’s pigmentation (which they refer to as their “pattern”) is unique and the gracefulness and complexity of the growth is as much a source of physical attractiveness as facial symmetry is to humans. Baijhaar is a relatively warm world and Galactic Standard temperatures are unpleasantly (though harmlessly) cool to it’s inhabitants; they thus tend to dress heavily on other worlds.
     Djenji Nour is a typical specimen of his race. His pattern is considered rather dashing, as is his sense of dress and personality. As a Knight, he wears Arabian-style, tan pantaloons and a blouse under a tight-fitting, brown robe. A heavier, looser robe is often worn on top. Djenji Nour wields a short-bladed, silvery light-saber of his own manufacture.
Favoured Force Applications: Djenji uses mental suggestion to supplement his own charm and persuasiveness when he needs to. Less Obi-Wan’s mind trick, than creating a sort of super-charisma. In battle, he uses short-term precognition to be in the right place at the right time: he’s one inch too far away for the punch to connect and the blaster shot just misses him. He combines precognition with telepathy to allow him to use his opponent’s energy against him and thus defeat the enemy without raising his own hand.
Casting: Errol Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Sea Hawk, with the goatee and thin moustache. Definitely the moustache. Add just a touch of early, “I feel your pain”, Bill Clinton for the combination of empathy, charm, and overconfidence.

Played by berkanna

The Force:
: Perception 5, Stealth 4
Body chips
: 4
Light Force chips
: 1
Dark Force chips
: 0 (cumulatively gained: 0)
Light Side
: Obedient, honorable, fair
Dark Side
: Insecure, inflexible
: Will fall to her greatest fear
: Isa Nauthiz grew up on a backwater planet far from the Galactic Core. The culture of the planet felt that Force users were dark creatures of evil, and would drive any child showing signs of these evil powers out of their villages. Isa, daughter of a powerful village elder, developed some of these powers in late childhood - when she was able to understand what would happen to her if she was caught using them. As such, she learned to hide them well and was able to move through her village with ease, although most people in her village considered her very shy and retiring.
      When she was in her late teens, a Jedi Master named Jerra Algiz made an emergency landing on Isa's planet and contacted her village in an attempt to barter for the materials necessary to repair her ship. When the villagers discovered Jerra was a possessed of the evil, they attempted to attack her and drive her from the village, but Jerra was able to escape unharmed.
      Isa felt drawn to the Jedi Master, and during the night took the equipment Jerra had been attempting to obtain and found her way to the ship and found Jerra sitting calmly on her ship, waiting for the one she'd felt in the village to make their way to her.
      Jerra was able to persuade Isa to join her and learn the ways of the Jedi. Isa learned quickly, and her training was considerably shorter than most of her contemporaries in the Temple. She continues to be shy of using her powers, and has specialized in the more "subtle" arts of the Force. Even after Isa completed her training and became a full Jedi Knight, she has remained close to Jerra. Jerra is proud of her padawan and the progress she has made, but has expressed concern that Isa has not fully accepted her role as a Jedi, and that the teachings of her homeworld still rule her heart.
Physical Description: Isa is a human female just shy of 1.8 meters and quite slender. She has short, perpetually shaggy dark brown hair cut that frames her face and intense grey-green eyes. She wears clothing cut in the fashion of traditional Jedi robes, but in dark greens, greys and black rather than the traditional brown color. She carries a green-bladed lightsaber of her own construction, but wields it as rarely as possible.

Played by keyescannon

The Force: 3
Skills: Lightsaber 4, Endurance 4
Body chips: 5
Light Force chips: 1
Dark Force chips: 0 (cumulatively gained: 0)
Light Side: selfless, loyal
Dark Side: diffidence, temperamental
Destiny: to stand with few, and fall against many
Background: Kodah Bol is an exceptionally large and powerfully built young man from Djerba, a planet where Mos Eisley would be considered respectable. To survive, he has fought and stolen, but he refused to join any of the countless gangs that preyed on the weak or outnumbered. One such gang didn't take kindly to his rejection, and quickly overpowered him. If not for the intervention of a Vandras Llannec, a Jedi, he would've died that day. The Jedi recognized something in the rough looking youth, and took him in as a Padawan. He has since seen many, many worlds and wondrous sights that he never dreamed of as a child, but he will never forget the lessons learned on the streets and alleys of his planet.
Physical Description: Kodah is 2.15 meters tall and weighs 120 kg. He keeps his head shaved and has brown eyes. He wears standard jedi robes (with a tendency to remain hooded indoors and out). The blade of his lightsaber is purple.


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