Star Wars by way of Godbound

I have this weird habit of adapting RPG systems that I like to run Star Wars. I did it with Unisystem and PDQ, and now I have done it with Kevin Crawford’s most recent game. This file was haphazardly put together in the course of two days, so don’t expect to find highly innovative conversion notes or inspired design choices here (if you do, shower me with praise, though; preferably, in a very public way). There’s nothing here that anyone else couldn’t do if they dedicated themselves to the task. The idea was to make my life, and those of my fellow GMs, easy, in case we ever wanted to run Star Wars with Godbound’s system. Sure, it would be just a question of going through the book and picking what you wanted, but that would take time from the session. Now that someone has done most of the preliminary work, you and your friends can jump straight into the game.

I’m not much of a mechanics guy and don’t have a very sharp eye for balance either. Also, none of this stuff has been playtested. So it’s probable you will find some of my solutions not to be, let’s say, elegant (“quick and dirty” appears often in the text). Starship stats, for example, seem to be a topic that can be much improved. And that’s OK. If you think there’s a better way to do something, use that, but tell me about it so I may include your solution in future iterations of Forcebound. I do intend to put those out, expanding the notes to include true adaptations, instead of just renaming things. I don’t know when I’ll have the time, though. I sure could use some help... (wink, wink)

That’s it. Take a look, criticize, suggest, use what you like, and have fun! Finally, kudos to Kevin Crawford for creating such a nice little game.


Godbound copyright © 2016 Sine Nomine Publishing

Star Wars copyright © 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd



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