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Rio de Janeiro
Non Player Characters

Perdigueiro [per-dee-GAY-roo]
Created by Fred Furtado
Name: Otávio Lira Júnior
Born: 1942; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wild Card Ability: Otávio can detect other wild carders and can telepathically track anyone he has ever met.
ST 10    DX 11  IQ 11    HT 10
Speed: 5.25     Move: 5
Damage: Thr 1d-1, Sw 1d
Appearance: Male caucasian; short, dark brown hair with a receding hairline, brown eyes; 1,68m/70kg
Advantages: Alertness +2, Charisma +1
Disadvantages: Cowardice, Duty (Brazilian Government), Secret (Former Military Dictatorship Ace)
Powers and Skills: ESP (Seekersense only; Only for people he has met -50%) 16 (17), Sense Wild Carder (As Sense Super Power, S64, but only to detect and locate -20%) 16 (25)
Skills: Acting 12, Carousing 10, Savoir-Faire 14, Sex Appeal 13
Languages: Portuguese (Native) 11
Quirks: Friendly
History: .

copyright © 1993 Fred Furtado

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