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João [jho-AUN]
Created by Fred Furtado
Name: João; if he has any other name, nobody seems to know
Born: Unknown; he appears to be in his late twenties
Wild Card Ability: Enhanced charisma and strength. (?)
ST 20     DX 13    IQ 13     HT 12
Speed: 6.25     Move: 6
Damage: Thr 2d-1, Sw 3d+2; Punch 2d-2
Appearance: Male caucasian; athletic, muscular body with sun-tanned skin, short dark brown hair and brown eyes; 1,80m/70kg
Advantages: Appearance (Very Handsome), Charisma +3, Voice, Wealth (Wealthy)
Disadvantages: Intolerance (Men), Sense of Duty (Women)
Skills: Brawling 14, Carousing 14, Dancing 13, Driving (Car) 12, Poetry 13, Savoir-Faire 15, Sex Appeal 16
Language: Portuguese 13
Quirks: Always dressed-up, Cynical to men, Has a very active nightlife, Is believed to be an ace
History: João is a mystery. He started appearing at socialite parties, nightclubs and such in the early nineties. Nobody seemed to know anything about him. The only things that could be discerned about him was that he was incredibly handsome, seemed to be rich, had an intense dislike of men in general and had a way with women comparable to Casanova or Don Juan. As he always preferred the company of women, there was some gossip that João might be gay, but that was soon dismissed, as the women he had taken to bed described his skills as a lover. In 1992, during a party, a drunken guest picked a fight with João. Already annoyed by the presence of the man, João took the opportunity to teach him a lesson and threw him across the room. Later, the rumors that João was really an ace began to spread. He did nothing to dismiss them, but he didn't confirm them either. Men usually think that, besides his strength, the wild card gave João some influence power that makes women like him. Women just think that being ace makes João even more attractive than before.  João, despite the absence of proof, is considered part of the wild card community in Rio.
Note: This write-up is incomplete and may be somewhat misleading. I only put here characteristics that people witnessed or perceived João as possessing them.

copyright 1993 Fred Furtado

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