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Rio de Janeiro
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O Doido [OO   DOEE-due]
Created by Fred Furtado
Name: Ismael dos Santos
Born: 1952; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wild Card Ability: Ismael has superhuman stamina that allows him to take a lot of punishment.
ST 14     DX 13    IQ 14     HT 20/100
Speed: 8.25     Move: 8
Damage: Thr 1d, Sw 2d
Appearance: Male negroid; strong, brutish-looking man with short, curly black hair and eyes; 1,62m/72kg
Advantages: Alertness +3, Combat Reflexes, Fearlessness +6, High Pain Threshold, Longevity, Reputation: Leader of the Red Commando (Underworld/All the time) +4
Disadvantages: Appearance (Unattractive), Berserker, Bloodlust, Bully, On the Edge, Paranoia, Reputation: Leader of the Red Commando (Law Enforcers/All the time) -4
Super Advantages: Damage Resistance 3, Extra Fatigue +36, Extra Hit Points +80, Recovery, Regeneration (Instant)
Skills: Administration 14, Area Knowledge (Dona Marta) 18, Brawling 17, Guns/TL7(Pistol 16, Rifles 17), Intimidation 18, Leadership 17, Merchant 15, Savoir-Faire (Red Commando) 18, Stealth 16
Language: Portuguese 14
Quirks: Distrusts aces, Rarely leaves Santa Marta, Ruthless, Violent
History: Ismael grew up in one of Rio's many slums. Despite his parents efforts to direct him to an honest life, Ismael got involved with crime as a teenager. His willingness and competence made him rise through the ranks. One day, during a commercial transaction, Ismael and his men got ambushed. To his surprise, he managed to fight back even after being shot several times. He single-handedly defeated his ambushers. With this new "ace" up his sleeve, Ismael rise was meteoric. Unfortunately, his operation was disbanded during the Military Dictatorship and he was arrested. At the Ilha Grande Penitentiary, Ismael met political prisoners who introduced him to the concepts of organization. Years later, after escaping prison, Ismael put his new knowledge to good use and formed what would become the first and most powerful of Rio's organized crime gangs, the Red Commando. During the last twenty years, Ismael has transformed the Red Commando into an institution. His business interests cover everything from weapons to drugs. However, managing to stay twenty years in a position where life expectancy was two or three years, has taken its toll on Ismael. He has suffered several attempts on his life and, as a result, has become extremely paranoid. He especially distrusts aces, who he thinks are the only ones who can seriously cause him any inconvenience.

copyright 1993 Fred Furtado

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