Wild Cards
Rio de Janeiro
Non Player Characters

Created by Fred Furtado
Name: Daniel de Almeida Cardoso
Born: May 29th, 1971; Petrópolis, Brazil
Wild Card Ability: Increased dexterity, speed and stealth.
ST 18     DX 20     IQ 12     HT 14
Speed: 12.5     Move: 12
Damage: Thr 1d+2, Sw 3d; Karate 2d+1; Wakizashi 3d+2cut
Appearance: Male caucasian; Tolkien elf with pointed ears, long fair hair (loose or braided), emerald green eyes; 1,90m/75kg
Advantages: Alertness +4, Ambidexterity, Appearance (Handsome), Danger Sense, Enhanced Time Sense, High Pain Threshold, Immunity to Disease, Night Vision, Reputation: Elven ace (Everybody/All the time) +2, Wealth (Comfortable)
Disadvantages: Duty to Client, Unusual Feature (Pointed ears)
Super Advantages: Increased Speed +4, Reduced Sleep, Silence +5, Unaging
Skills: Acrobatics 20, Area Knowledge (Rio) 15, Broadsword 20, Driving (Car) 19, Fast Draw (Pistol 21, Wakizashi 21), Guns TL7 (Pistol) 25, Hobby (Tolkien lore) 14, Judo 22, Karate 22, Savoir-Faire 14, Shortsword 20, Stealth 25 (30), Tactics 15
Languages: English 12, Portuguese 12, Quenya 11
Quirks: Doesn’t like his nickname, Doesn’t like to be called Spock, Tolkien fan, Very professional
History: Daniel started playing role playing games when he was sixteen, however, he had never read J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. After a year playing, he saw a copy of the first volume and decided to try it. He was hooked from the beginning. He bought the other two volumes and soon had all of Tolkien's books. He joined the Tolkien Society and even learned Quenya. He was a devoted fan. So, it came as no surprise when he woke up at his eighteenth birthday and found out his ears were pointed. He soon realized that he had gained other abilities as well, all of them connected with Tolkien's elves. Not sure what to do about it, Daniel asked his father for advice. Daniel's father owned a security firm and he saw the potential in his son's superior physical skills. Daniel was trained by his father himself and became a top operative of the firm. After four years working with his father, Daniel decided it was time he had his own business. He quit from the firm, which his father didn't like at all, and started his own "security consultance" firm. By that time, his fame as an elf and an ace was quite big and things were easy for him. Daniel now works as a bodyguard and security specialist for Rio's celebrities.

copyright 1993 Fred Furtado

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