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Rio de Janeiro
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Açougueiro [ah-soul-GAY-r'ue]
Created by Fred Furtado
Name: Orlando Matias
Born: 1910; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wild Card Ability: Açougueiro can teleport parts of his targetís body.
ST 13     DX 12    IQ 12     HT 12
Speed: 6     Move: 6
Damage: Thr 1d , Sw 2d-1
Appearance: Male caucasian; rugged features, close cropped gray-brown hair, black eyes; 1,70m/78kg
Advantages: Legal Enforcement Powers (Local), Reputation: Tough, but Corrupt Cop (Criminals/10-) +2, Toughness
Disadvantages: Bad Temper, Bully, Greedy
Powers and Skills: Teleportation (Exoteleport skill only; Can Teleport Parts of the Target +100%, Must Apply Target Area Modifiers -20%) 12 (10)
Skills: Area Knowledge (Rio) 13, Blackjack 13, Brawling 14, Driving (Car) 12, Guns (Pistol/TL7) 16, Interrogation 13, Streetwise 14
Language: Portuguese 12
Quirks: Calls someone he doesn't like "Malandro", Enjoys causing pain with his power
History: Orlando was a hard-boiled police detective when the wild card changed him. He found out about his new power when he was conducting one of his interrogations. Angry with the low-life's unwillingness to reveal any useful information, even though he had used some "hard arguments", Orlando wished he could break the man apart. To his surprise, the man's arm disappeared in an explosion of flesh and blood. Realizing he had been changed by the weird disease that had aflicted the city, Orlando decided to profit from his new abilities. He managed to start a racketeering scheme that went well, but didn't satisfy him. Through a friend, Orlando found out that the government was trying to locate the so-called "aces" and recruit them. Sensing an opportunity, Orlando presented himself to the authorities and soon became an agent. He became involved in several black ops operations and was responsible for assassinating Carlos Lacerda. During the Military Dictatorship, Orlando worked as a torturer. By the end of the seventies, Orlando dropped out of sight. Several members of the resistance think he is still alive and are pressuring the government to reveal his location so he can be put under trial for his crimes.
Note: This write-up reflects Orlando when he was in his prime. At the time of the campaign, he would be 84. That is, if he is still alive.

copyright 1993 Fred Furtado

Created by Fred Furtado
Name: Gustavo Oliveira Medeiros
Born: 1955; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wild Card Ability: Azraiíl can kill telekinetically.
ST 12     DX 12    IQ 15     HT 12
Speed: 6     Move: 6
Damage: Thr 1d-1, Sw 1d+2; TK 2d+1
Appearance: Male negroid; athletic body, black eyes and long, black dreadlocked hair; 1,72m/65kg
Advantages: Appearance (Handsome), Filthy Rich, Status 3, Strong Will +2
Disadvantages: Greed, Secret (Ace)
Powers and Skills: Psychokinesis (Telekinesis skill only; Line of Sight Only -10%, Only Direct Attacks -30%) 18 (15)
Skills: Administration 17, Karate (Capoeira) 12, Leadership 16, Savoir-Faire 17, Streetwise 16, Theology (Candomblé) 17
Languages: English 14, French 15, Portuguese 15
Maneuvers: Feint [Karate] 12, Ground Fighting [Karate] 11, Spin Kick 11, Sweeping Kick 11
Quirks: Always on the lookout for new aces, Ruthless, Studies Candomblé, Wants to control Rioís organized crime, Wears shades

copyright 1993 Fred Furtado

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