Carioca Kadavers

Members: Camilo, Cassio, Cecil, César, Kassad and Lauro.
Real / Perceived Goal:
To scout for the Sabbat.



Members: Almost all Ventrue in Brazil.
Perceived Goal:
To organize the Ventrue clan in Brazil.
Real Goal:
To control Brazil and its Kindred population.

The brainchild of Alan Boggart, the Consortium is a nationwide network of information and services for the Brazilian Ventrue, based on the fusion of a modernized version of the clan’s system of Hidden Orders and the current Directorate. Its beginning dates back from early 18th century, but it has consolidated as an institution only in 1964. Today, it rivals the Nosferatu Web in scope. All major cities in Brazil, even those without a considerable Ventrue presence, are connected to it. The Consortium also has strait ties to the North-American Camarilla and, some say, Sabbat.

Each city, called a Division, has a Chairman who supervises Consortium activities in the area. To aid him, he appoints Directors who oversee specific areas or business. The Chairman reports directly to Boggart, or Fanse, in Rio. When not following a special directive from Boggart, each Division is allowed to pursue its schemes. As long as such schemes neither deviate greatly from Consortium parameters, nor interfere with Consortium activity outside its area. If so, they must be cleared with the Rio Division (Home Office) first.

The Consortium offers its members two kinds of services: regular and special. Regular services are things that do not tax the organization like equipment, mortal vitae, and are usually free of charge for members. Special services include such things as assassinations, theft from Elders, highly sensitive information, all that would most likely put the Consortium at odds with a powerful party. These heft a considerable charge, even for members.

When a Brazilian Ventrue needs something (a military unit, information, blood, a pink elephant, etc), all he has to do is contact his Division. If the Division cannot provide it, a quick call to the Home Office usually guarantees the satisfaction of the requesting Blue Blood. In the rare cases where the Consortium does not have access to what its members requested (due to rarity, importance, etc), it can make deals with other parts to acquire it; provided the requester can forward proof of its importance to whatever scheme he is on. Even then, this will be counted as a special service (if it was not already) and the requester will, probably, be seriously indebted to the Consortium. Boggart also extends the Consortium services to foreign Ventrue (except British ones), other Brazilian clans and, according to some rumors, other supernatural creatures. In these cases, however, even a trivial favor is considered a special service and charged accordingly.

Until a couple of decades ago, Rio was the sole administrative center of the Consortium. Now, Brasília has risen as a twin power. Nevertheless, Boggart still retains major control over the behemoth organization, whose activities include: the administration of tourism, especially in Rio, alive and undead; coordination of Ventrue activities in the country, political, military or otherwise; and liaison between foreign and Brazilian Kindred.

Among its many resources, the Consortium counts a major communications network. This network is used to exchange information between the Consortium members and, sometimes, between foreign Ventrue. By placing select keywords in the credits of some programs, usually newsjournals, the Ventrue are able to quickly and secretly, for no one has broken their code yet, communicate with each other. This is one of the main reasons for the Consortium’s success in its plans.



Members: Karl, Alan Boggart, Ubirajara, Patrício, Nanna, Charles Pearson, Mme. Satã.
Perceived Goal:
To administrate the Free Domain.
Real Goal:
To rip the Treaty apart and acquire control over the others.

Situl’s Coven

Members: Nanna, Antônio das Mercês, Charles Pearson, Ducasse (Maldoror).
Real Goal:
To corrupt and prepare the way for their Demon Lords.



Members: Ducasse, Florist, Gaetano, Hamilton and Magalhães.
Perceived Goal:
Real Goal:
They don’t know it for sure.

The Independents are a motley crew of Kindred banded together apparently for mutual protection. However, its members' diversified interests would suggest this common goal is difficult to achieve. Each one of the Independents is more interested in succeeding at his personal goal than in helping the others. This causes many internal conflicts, as each one tries to direct the group’s energy to his own interest. Nevertheless, the group has managed to stay together, although in a haphazard way, since its formation in the late 60’s.


White Hand

Members: Camilo, Daniel, Fadária, Geni, Glória, The German, Maurício and Kassad.
Perceived Goal:
Enforcing the Signatories commandments and the Rio Compact.
Real Goal:
Each of its members seek to gain prestige in its own faction.

Created in 1938 by the revision of the Rio Compact, the White Hand is the... well, hand of the Signatories. Currently, the Hand is in its second incarnation. None of the present members are from the original team, with the exception of Kassad, but he works with it only sporadically. They can be identified by a white crescent in the palm of their right hand. Among its functions are the tracking and capture of Caitiff Neonates and outlawed Cainites, undergoing special missions (either alone or in group) for the Signatories and general police action.

Composed of representants from Rio’s dominant Kindred factions, the Hand manages to function quite competently despite it. Its members are always vying for power over the others, of course, either for personal or clan reasons, but they are smart enough not to let it interfere with their duties. They all know their positions can be easily replaced.

To join the Hand, one must first have the permission of her clan leader. Then, she must undergo a series of tests conducted by Kassad. If approved, she begins her training, also with Kassad. After that, she will run with the Hand as a probationary member for one year, being evaluated by her comrades during that time. Should she have a positive evaluation, she becomes a full member, receiving the crescent and replacing the former representant of her faction. Membership times varies between thirty to fifty years tops, assuming one doesn’t get killed in the line of duty.