Rio Compact

1. The city of Rio de Janeiro is henceforth declared a Free Domain. This condition shall be upheld and honored by all Signatories and respective coteries, and its continuance shall be arranged as follows:

§ 1 There shall be no Prince.

§ 2 All sect ties are ineffective: Camarilla and Sabbat are innocuous names in the city and adjoining districts. These sects shall be considered as enemies should they try to interfere with the city’s order. Vampires purporting to belong to any such affiliation shall be considered outlaws and dealt with accordingly.

§ 3 Clan ties are limited to those within the city.

2. The city will be administered by a council formed by the Signatories of this treaty.

§ 1 The Council shall uphold the Traditions of Caine.

§ 2 The Council shall uphold the order,and provide for Kindred security within city bounds, resolving the quarrels among clans.

§ 3 The Council shall be the ultimate authority, within the urban perimeter.


Amendments 1938

1. All Diablerie is hereby banned and considered both a capital crime and a profound shame on all those who practice it, under the light of the Traditions of Caine.

§ Under very specific conditions it is permitted to perform this otherwise unspeakable act. The conditions are as follows:

  1. the Council’s approval is paramount
  2. subject must be an outlaw or a caitiff without recognition by any Signatory.
  3. the capture of all such outlaws and caitiffs is the exclusive province of the Council or of a duly appointed party.
  4. all such subjects will be tapped into only at the Council’s discretion.

2. The vampire community of this city as represented by this Council hereby institutes an elite corps. It shall thenceforward be named WHITE HAND and shall act as the Council’s official representative in the urban perimeter with security and organizational duties. These shall be undertaken and performed only as detailed by the aforementioned Council and only as it sees fit.