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by Fred Furtado
President/CEO: Carlos Werner Carelli
Headquarters: São Paulo, SPCS
Business Profile: Bio-Bras was born from the Bio-Rio program. The main function of this government program was to subsize biotechnology research by public and private companies. Early in the 21st century, the Brazilian government decided to end the program and sold the organization to a small group of investors. This group, instead of subsizing, started buying the small companies that couldn’t survive without the funding. By 2011, Bio-Rio had managed to become a sizeable company with assets in three different Brazilian states. This prompted the change of name to Bio-Bras. With the fall of the government and the uncertainty about the Awakened forces, the board of directors decided to relocate the home office to São Paulo, where it has been till present.

Principal Divisions

Division Name: Bio-Agro

Division Name: Bio-Mana

Division Name: Bio-Meta

by Fred Furtado
Dr. Alexandre Monteiro
Headquarters: Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro
Business Profile: The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation was taken aback with the fall of the Brazilian government, like many other public research facility. Unsure about their future, the directors of the several institutes that comprised the Foundation opted for what seemed their best course of action: go private. In a couple of months they had managed to secure several investments and, without a formal government to interfere, went from a public foundation to a private company. Today, FIOCRUZ, Inc. is one of the leading companies in the field of biotech. Its main products are drugs, both synthetic and natural ones, and vaccines, with special research groups dedicated to diseases like VITAS.

by Fred Furtado
Eugênio Marinho
Headquarters: PROJAC Arcology, Rio de Janeiro
Business Profile: The Globo Industries have evolved from a major media group into a large-sized corporation that owns most of the trid and news business in South America and has extensive connections around the world. The Marinho family still commands the corporation, being the major shareholder.
Physical security at the PROJAC Arcology is strong and the Matrix, although user-friendly, is extremely tough to penetrate, with state-of-the-art IC and a nova-hot team of deckers.

>>>>>[I’ve heard that the old geezer, Roberto Marinho, founder of the Industries, is still alive. They say that besides being naturally long-lived (he was close to 100 by the turn of the century), old Bob has the best treatment modern tech and mojo can provide. He may have faded to the background, but he still overviews the Industries.]<<<<<
     – Celebrity Watcher (20:02:12/ 6-MAR-58)

>>>>>[I’ll tell you why old Bob is so long-lived: elven genes. Take a look at his two great-grandaughters, Márcia and Cláudia, both are elves, born on the early years of the UGE. This may also explain why Globo didn’t run to São Paulo after the Fall. They not only stayed in Rio, but also got to be friends with the Amazonian gov. Suspicious, isn’t it?]<<<<<
     – Globo Guy (21:34:56/ 6-MAR-58)

Principal Divisions:

Division Name: Globo Grid

Division Name: Globo Network

Division Name: Globo News

Division Name: Globotech

>>>>>[See what I talked about? Márcia and Cláudia are top dogs in Globo.]<<<<<
     – Globo Guy (21:37:07/ 6-MAR-58)

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