6 (9) 6 (10) 6 (10) 3* 6 5* 3.2 6 (10)

Name: John Stuart
Birth: Seattle, USA
Apperance: Male negroid human; muscular body, shaved temples and black eyes
Status: Active/Seattle; Middle lifestyle
Karma Pool: 2
Initiative: 10 + 3D6
Skills: Armed Combat 4, Athletics 2, Bike 3, Bike B/R 3, Demolitions 4, Eletronics (Maglock) 1, Firearms 6, Gunnery [Machine Gun (Medium MG 3) 2] 1, Stealth 3, Thrown Weapons 1, Unarmed Combat 2
Cyberware (see Notes): Boosted Reflexes 3, Cybereyes [Low-Light, Camera, Thermographic], Datajack, Dermal Plating 3, Muscle Replacement 4, Rangefinder, Recorder, Smartgun Link, Spur (10M),
Gear: AK-98 [Assault Rifle, 22 (c), SA/BF/FA, 8M, w/ mini-grenades 12M Stun], Ares Predator II [Heavy Pistol, 15 (c), SS/SA, 9M], Armor Jacket (5/3), HK227 [SMG, 20 (c), 7M]
Contacts: (1) Aristotle Rodor (street doc), Cris Simpson (mechanic), Guapoloco, Grunf, Mary Helen (corp secretary), Paul Wilde, Sam (bartender), Sara Strange (talismonger), Shiva, Werwolf.
Notes: During one run, Razorback, together with Paul Wilde and Werwolf, got a Free Spirit to turn all their cyberware into organic equivalents and restore their essence. The only piece of Razorback's cyberware not affected by this transformation was the Boosted Reflexes, which he only had installed later.

copyright 1991 Ricardo Reis

Last Update: 16-Mar-98

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